12 Fall Trends L.A. Girls Will Drop a Lot of Money On


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Sure, it's a scorching 83 degrees here in Los Angeles, but those of us sweating it out here at Who What Wear headquarters in West Hollywood aren't going to let a little heat get in the way of discussing one of our favorite topics: fall trends. (ICYMI, here's our breakdown of the biggest fall color trends, our coverage on controversial fall shoe trends insiders are already wearing, and our guide to the hottest fall fashion trends so good even French girls are buying into them.)

Although we've already spilled a lot of ink forecasting autumnal trends, we couldn't resist reaching out to Los Angeles-based designers to gain intel on the topic directly from the pros. From puff sleeves and palazzo pants to rust tones and checkered prints, there's a lot to look forward to in the coming months, sartorially speaking. So hold onto your wallet—ahead, Los Angeles-based designers weigh in on the biggest fall trends L.A. girls are going to buy into this season.

Puff Sleeves

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"We're loving a puff sleeve right now, and we know it's a trend that will continue into fall! We honestly can’t make enough of our Dahlia Dress. It's similar to our Dawn Dress, but the puff sleeve takes it to a whole new level."—Christy Dawn, Christy Dawn Founder/Designer

Palazzo Pants

"We're so happy the palazzo pant is making a comeback. (Who doesn't love a wide-leg pant?!) Our new Dawn Jumper features a palazzo pant, and it's the easiest thing to throw on in the morning and instantly feel chic!"—Christy Dawn, Christy Dawn Founder/Designer

Cream, Rust, and Indigo Tones

"As more and more people commit to syncing with Mother Nature, there is a draw to wear the tones of the earth. We expect to see lots of cream, rust, and indigo tones."—Christy Dawn, Christy Dawn Founder/Designer

Customizable Jewelry

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"Buying something that’s interchangeable or multi-wear means you’re getting the best bag for your buck. You can buy a necklace and three charms and then have eight necklaces."—Jessie Andrews, Bagatiba Founder/Designer

Checkered Prints

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"Subtle or oversized, the checkered print is making a come back in an elevated way. On tops, jackets, bags, and shoes."—Jessie Andrews, Bagatiba Founder/Designer

Knit Dresses and Sweaters With Color Block, Patterns, and Graphics

"You see everyone from Louis Vuitton to Proenza Schouler doing full-fashion knitwear, sweaters, and dresses."—Jessie Andrews, Bagatiba Founder/Designer

Long-Sleeve Bodysuits

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"Long-sleeve bodysuits like our El Tigre style will be a strong look for fall. The cut is timeless, yet feels fresh. It strikes a perfect balance between feeling comfortable and casual and looking elegantly put together."—Eliana Gil Rodriguez, Gil Rodriguez Founder/Designer


"They're insanely comfortable, classic and so so easy. It's basically a whole outfit on its own, but can easily be dressed up with a belt, sweater or coat."—Eliana Gil Rodriguez, Gil Rodriguez Founder/Designer

Half-Zip Sweatshirts

"I love the Diana Half-Zip Sweatshirt for Ffall. It's oversized and super cozy, but the slightly cropped fit and bottom drawcord mean you can wear it with high-waisted pants without having to tuck all the bulk into your waistband. It's sporty but elegant, and the half-zip neckline layers perfectly over a turtleneck."—Eliana Gil Rodriguez, Gil Rodriguez Founder/Designer

Straight-Leg Jeans

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"A really great straight leg jean! Midheaven just launched our Timberly jean as an amazingly versatile and stylish jean, perfect for any season."—Kathryn Boyd Brolin, Midheaven Denim Founder

Split-Hem Skinny Jeans

"We love a great split hem skinny, keeping you warm and cozy but with a bit of a peek-a-boo to elevate your choice of shoe. Pair Midheaven's Tallulah jean with a low heel or boot and you've got a low fuss, high energy outfit."—Kathryn Boyd Brolin, Midheaven Denim Founder

Cutoff Denim Jackets

"A cutoff denim jacket is a must for keeping warm and cozy while still accentuating your waistline. Pair a high-waisted pant with Midheaven's Gwyneth jacket."—Kathryn Boyd Brolin, Midheaven Denim Founder

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