35 Trendy Fall Nordstrom Items I'm Currently Losing It Over

Best Fall Trends at Nordstrom


The Style Stalker

In a perfect world, we would have endless amounts of time to frolic around the Internet picking out the best of the best for fall 2020. However, reality offers a stark difference, one in which we barely have time to think about buying new clothes let alone hunt for them. Luckily, we found the one retailer that pretty much has it all: Nordstrom. After much digging and hundreds of open tabs, I narrowed down the cutest and trendiest items on the site to a mere 35. 

Of course, these aren't the only on-trend items available at the beloved retailer, but these are the ones I am currently losing it over. The list ahead includes leather separates, chain necklaces, and much more, so grab your wallets because you're about to do all of your fall shopping in one fail-safe checkout process.  

Everything about this cardigan is making me swoon. 

Prepare to see this boot style everywhere this fall. 

The perfect blouse to throw on with jeans and boots.

Layer this under your favorite blazers this season. 

You can stop looking for the perfect pair of boots now. 

Wear these with cute little ankle socks please and thank you. 

That Volcom logo is a major throwback. 

Fringe is another major trend this season and this jacket is hitting the nail on the head. 

Oversize tees are all I can think about right now. 

To wear with all your midi dresses this fall. 

Yes, leather is still a thing this season. 

We love a chunky gold ring moment. 

Wear this with that black mini dress you hopefully already added to cart. 

Another cute shoe style to wear with ankle socks. 

Not your average pair of denim, that's for sure. 

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