Yep, I'm Scoring 3 of My Favorite Fall Trends on Amazon

Trends come and go quickly these days. By the time you add one trendy item to your closet, the next "big thing" is already underway. I'm always keeping tabs on what's bubbling up in the fashion world (partly because I'm an editor and partly because I'm fully addicted to social media), and there are a few fall trends that I'm personally banking on staying in style all season long. What are the trends, you ask? Trench coats (always a classic, but they're a big-ticket item this season), leather pants (I'm partial to the straight-leg pairs), and clogs (yes, really). And luckily for all the convenience-seekers like me out there, you can snag each of these trends on Amazon. Keep scrolling for my favorite pieces on the site. 

Trench Coats 

Leather Pants