Pack This, Not That: 16 Items a Travel Editor Takes on a Fall Weekend Away

Packing a carry-on when the seasons shift always requires extra care. By summer's end, I could pack my luggage in about 15 minutes flat (and often did when I had back-to-back trips), but now that fall is here, every piece of clothing, beauty product, and accessory needs to be re-evaluated. Sunscreen is swapped out with travel-size moisturizer, sandals replaced with airport-appropriate loafers, and cotton dresses subbed for easy-to-layer tops and sweaters.

This weekend, I put the new fall packing list to the test during a visit to Montreal, the largest city in Quebec. Though it's geographically quite close to New York—an hour and a half flight, to be exact—Montreal is much colder, ranging from 50 to 60 degrees in early October. Here's exactly what I packed on the fall weekend getaway, the new travel accessories I tested out, and a few extras I forgot to pack (and froze, as a result) and plan to add to the list next time.

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