I Spent the Afternoon Online Shopping at Nordstrom—Here Is My Cart

Why Yes, I Did Spend the Afternoon Going Through Nordstrom—This Is My Cart


@frannfyne; Anine Bing Sweatshirt ($169)

I highlight Nordstrom on the regular for its steady, solid offerings. Whether you’re on the hunt for a gorgeous pair of shoes, a fresh denim silhouette, or a beautiful bag, the retailer consistently has a variety of options to suit a range of styles. Well, today I thought I’d showcase a few standout items that piqued my interest and that I think you’ll be into as well.

I spent one afternoon going through pages and pages of Nordstrom merch and adding pieces to my shopping cart in order to save my curation. Naturally, I’m here to share that cart with you. What’s included in the mix? To start, there’s a smattering of fall pieces that are perfect if you’re beginning to prep your wardrobe for next season. (I’m talking boots, jackets, and so on). I also found tons of cute accessories that could easily take your wardrobe to the next level. All that and more is coming at you below.

Great for those transitional temperatures.

This shirt is giving me all the fall vibes.

This rusty color is perfect for fall.

The longline cut is great for chillier days.

Just in case you need to refresh that denim drawer.

You may just want to live in this cardi coat.

Pair this jacket with your favorite jeans.

Clogs are a favorite among the fashion crowd.

You could wear this dress on so many different occasions.

Wear these jeans with a tucked-in blouse for a polished look.