4 Handbag Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Fall

Fall handbag trends 2022


Salvatore Ferragamo; Jil Sander; Louis Vuitton

While there are plenty of fashion trends I pay attention to, handbags are a category that I always focus on. In part, to fuel my growing bag obsession and narrow in on which pieces will later land in my shopping cart for the upcoming season. On the fall/winter 2022 runways, there are many new bag styles and silhouettes that debuted but there are four key handbag trends to commit to memory.

So, what are the coolest fall 2022 handbag trends to know about? Ahead, I'm highlighting the most directional takes on handbags that are destined to make a mark on fashion in the upcoming season—from chic, practical bags that are set to be everyday staples to trendy styles that will no doubt make a splash on the street style scene at fashion week. Here, read on for the four key fall handbag trends that will be important to know about in 2022.


Bottega Veneta; Louis Vuitton; Miu Miu

Crescent bags are one of the key handbag trends to know about for the F/W 22 season and the curved shape was interpreted in a variety of ways on the runways. Bottega Veneta showcased braided leather bags finished with metal handles. At Louis Vuitton, designs featured multi-tone monogrammed styles embellished with chains. At Miu Miu, the runways were packed with quilted satin pieces adorned with the brand's logo. With many great crescent bags on the market already, you can scoop them up now if you're an early adopter.


Salvatore Ferragamo; Proenza Schouler; The Row

Season after season, we've been seeing new takes on the big-bag trend. For fall, it will be all about XXL totes. While the bags are big as the name implies, they aren't comically large like we've seen in past years. Plus, they're sleek and designed in neutral shades, making them the ultimate everyday bag. Whether you're looking for a sizable bag to use as a stylish carry-on for a flight or fit everything you need for the office, XXL bags will have you covered.


Versace; Fendi; Jil Sander

It turns out that bags will have their own accessories this fall. That is, doubled-up bags with micro bags attached to larger styles as seen on the F/W 22 runways at Versace, Fendi, and Jil Sander. Whether it has a wallet attached by a chain or a coordinating micro bag intended to be worn together with a bigger style, designer have cooked up some cool takes on doubled-up bags for fall. We're already seeing styles this summer, including the Balenciaga Cagole bag that has risen to cult status, but you can expect the fun trend to gain momentum in the coming months.


Fendi; Helmut Lang; Off-White

Designers are into all things fuzzy for fall. Not only are we seeing fuzzy shoes rising as one of the major upcoming trends—a trend endorsed by designers including Loewe and Jil Sander—but the same goes for handbags. The faux-fur styles gracing the runways of Helmut Lang and Off-White are playful takes on fall bags that infuse cool textures, unexpected colors, and an element of lightheartedness. A style popularized in the early 2000s, it's easy to see why they are making a resurgence in a time when all things Y2K fashion are being reimagined.