11 Rules for Mastering the Art of French-Girl Style

Some consider French-girl style as this unattainable fantasy. But the key to decoding a Parisian’s dressing philosophy is less about what you’re wearing and more about what people can’t see. For instance, how the scent of her Chloé Eau de Parfum still lingers in the air long after she’s left the room: the invisible accessory. Labels like romantic, modern, feminine, and natural make up the fabric of the French-girl attitude, but when both attitude and outfit work together? That can make all the difference. Today, three stylish women—Jenny of Margo and Me, Charlotte of The Fashion Guitar, and Blair of Atlantic-Pacific (who are no strangers to this subject)—share their maxims for mastering French-girl style wherever you are and in whatever you’re wearing. 

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“Find strength in your imperfections. I mean every single one of them. Fill in any lack in confidence with a spritz of your signature fragrance. Wear both proud.” — Margo and Me

“Less is more, but find that item and stick with it—mine has quickly become a neck scarf.” Margo and Me

“One of the most inspiring things about Parisian culture is the art of leisure, something the French don’t take lightly. Even if it’s a few minutes out of the way, I’ll find some excuse to walk through my favorite park and stop for a moment—or an hour.” — Margo and Me

“While walking the streets of Paris, it’s hard not to notice the beautiful and impeccably dressed woman walking toward you. As she passes, you’re hit with a fragrance just as beautiful as she. Scent is memory—which is such a romantic thought. The bottle hiding in her purse is just as defining as the heels on her feet. The invisible accessory. From the pale pink box it comes in to the silver accents on the classically shaped perfume bottle, Chloé Eau de Parfum has quickly become mine.” — Margo and Me

“Don’t ever pass up an éclair—especially if it’s chocolate.” Margo and Me

“Never ever feel like you are in a rush. French women take their time and don’t waste it worrying. Worrying equals wrinkles, and no one wants those. But if you have them, refer back to #1.” — Margo and Me

“I’m obsessed with Dree Hemingway, the new face of the Chloé Eau du Parfum. She is the embodiment of strong and sweet, capturing the spirit and natural beauty of a Parisian woman.” — The Fashion Guitar

“When I think of Parisian accessories, I instantly think of chic flats. They’re sophisticated and streamlined but have a casual ease about them.”  — Atlantic-Pacific

“Parisian style is about knowing proportions. I love how this voluminous coat plays off of more-fitted bottoms. It’s all about the pieces that are easy to throw on yet still appear crisp and refined.” — Atlantic-Pacific

“I took the elements of the Chloé bottle to inspire my look. I love the blush tone and feminine details of the Chloé fragrance packaging, and I used these to inspire the use of color and styling for my look. I also stuck to a more minimal approach and opted for silver tones in my jewelry to mirror the metallic trim of the bottle.” — Atlantic-Pacific

“I find the unplanned, unexpected moments in Paris most inspiring. I love stumbling upon all the beautiful tucked-away parks. After a day of walking in the city, I stop at Square de la Place-Dauphine for a relaxing glass of wine.”   Atlantic-Pacific

Do you believe in the power of the “invisible accessory”? Share a scent memory in the comments below. 

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