I'm Denim Obsessed—These Are The Jeans I'm Wearing on Repeat This Season

Fall Denim Trends 2019

Quality denim is easy to find these days, but finding a pair that actually fits your body? That's another story. I'm obsessed with denim, but my journey to the perfect pair has been a long one. I've dealt with it all—waist gaps so large that even belts can't fix them, fabric that makes it impossible for me to sit down, and ankle openings that seem to be made for infants.

So when I heard that ModCloth was coming out with its own affordable denim line, I was a bit skeptical… How could jeans that ring in at under $79 hit all the right boxes? Well, I don't know what sorcery was involved, but I can tell you that they somehow made it happen. Need proof? Keep on scrolling for your new go-to styles that won’t cost half your paycheck but will have you checking out your own butt in any reflective surface you pass.

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