7 Fall Trends That Somehow Equal the Perfect Seasonal Capsule Wardrobe

fall capsule wardrobe with trends



Fall, for me, has always been about paring down and starting fresh. For whatever reason, I tend to treat the transition from summer to fall the way some people treat the New Year and so far I've already gutted half my closet and begun planning my fall outfits. But why stop there? I'm keeping up the momentum by creating a streamlined capsule wardrobe so I can put together chic and easy outfits and be certain that I'm making the most out of every piece.

If getting organized wasn't reason enough to curate a capsule wardrobe, I put together the ultimate one featuring all the most exciting (and wearable) fall trends on this season's lineup. In it, you'll find staples like a cropped cardigan and trendier ones like a pleated mini skirt that just so happen to mix and match well with the wardrobe basics already in your closet. While the capsule focuses on trends alone, I did craft 12 outfit ideas with accompanying basics like tees and jeans to match so you can visualize how each look comes together. Simply scroll down to see it in action.

fall capsule wardrobe with trends
fall outfits with trends



Sweater Vest + Button-Down Shirt + Tall Boots

The coolest way to wear tall boots this season is with bare legs and a mini dress. Try it with an oversized oxford shirt and a sweater vest layered on top.

Leather Blazer + T-Shirt + Pleated Skirt + Loafers

Pleated mini skirts were the hottest micro-trend of the summer and this look is a perfect example of how you can keep wearing one into fall, too, with some cool outerwear.

trendy fall capsule



Sweater Vest + Wide-Leg Pants + Loafers

Sweater vests only look intimidating, but wearing one as a top is actually so easy. 

Cropped Cardigan + Pleated Skirt + Tall Boots

This combo of a sweater, skirt, and boots is one of the fall uniforms I wear a lot, only updated with trendier seasonal staples.

Leather Blazer + Cropped Cardigan + Wide-Leg Pants + Loafers

Throwing on a big blazer is always a good idea. Even better if it's a sleek leather one.

Leather Blazer + T-Shirt + Skinny Jeans + Tall Boots

Since skinny jeans and turtlenecks are two timeless staples I know many of you already own, here's how trending elements like a leather blazer and tall boots freshen them up.

trendy fall capsule wardrobe



Cropped Cardigan + Wide-Leg Pants + Loafers

Meet the easy (and comfortable) combo I wear several times per week consisting of a cardigan worn as a top and relaxed trousers.

Sweater Vest + Skinny Jeans + Tall Boots

Another cool way to style your skinnies right now involves a sweater vest (worn solo or layered) and jeans tucked into tall boots.

Cropped Cardigan + Pleated Skirt + Loafers

Just add cute ankle socks and this easy fall 'fit is complete.

Sweater Vest + Button-Down Shirt + Wide-Leg Pants + Loafers

Of course, vests are meant to be layered, so wear one with a button-down shirt and trousers for a polished vibe.

Button-Down Shirt + Pleated Skirt + Tall Boots

A mini skirt and tall boots are made to look more classic with the addition of a button-down shirt.