The Best European Bra Brands, Ranked by Reviews and Reputation


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When it comes to bras, quality and fit are everything. We give them bonus points if they're aesthetically pleasing, but the reality is that we wear bras for a reason: functionality. There are many brands that hit on one of these aspects, but it's rare that a lingerie brand has it all. So when you come across these unicorn labels, you usually want to tell all of your friends about them—and maybe even leave a glowing review. 

I've noticed that European bra brands tend to check all the boxes, be it because they've been around for decades or because European attention to detail is unwavering. Based on the online reviews and word of mouth from friends and colleagues, there seem to be five brands that kill it in the bra department, offering everything from fit to size range to comfort. Oh, and they all happen to make bras that are just plain pretty. They use quality materials, perfect their fit, and ensure the wearer is as comfortable as possible. Below are the best European bra brands, ranked by reviews and reputation. 


One of France's best-selling luxury lingerie brands, Lise Charmel is known for its intricate detailing and beautiful construction. Each piece truly looks like a work of art. Reviewers rave about the quality fabrics, ideal fit, and lightweight feel. Plus, they love that these gorgeous pieces are surprisingly easy to launder.


Famed Italian brand Intimissimi has spent decades perfecting its fit and style range to become one of the premier destinations for bras and lingerie. With accessible price points and cup sizes ranging through F, Intimissimi has all of your bra needs covered. 


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Another Italian brand that knocks it out of the park is Cosabella. Meaning "beautiful thing" in Italian, Cosabella was founded in 1983 by a husband and wife duo who wanted to create timeless designs with exceptional quality—and they did just that. Boasting thousands of glowing reviews on both its website and retail partners alike, Cosabella combines comfort, function, style, and quality in bras you'll wear for years. 


British lingerie brand Agent Provocateur is as iconic as it gets, known for its beautiful pieces that are almost too pretty to hide. Its bras are designed to empower the wearer with exceptional designs and attention to detail. The brand's playful takes on classic bra silhouettes are what keep people returning time and again. 


With thousands of rave reviews and a range of cup sizes, Chantelle is a classic French lingerie brand with a modern feel. The brand's best sellers are offered through cup size H, and reviewers love its reasonable prices and comfortable fit. Whether you're looking for an intricate lace style or a basic nude T-shirt bra, Chantelle has something for everyone. 


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