I Traveled to Europe 5 Times This Year—Here's What I Always Packed

Between work trips that took me to Paris Fashion Week and Italy and personal travel back to some of those spots again, I’ve hopped the pond with travels to Europe five times over the last year. Through each of these trips, I’ve been able to refine my packing habits after learning which items were essentials and the pieces I wish I had added to my suitcase. But now, I really have it down.

When it comes to planning what I’ll be bringing, I have a few categories I consider. My biggest consideration is always fashion and the outfits I’ll be wearing. But equally important are the beauty products so I don’t have too many trips to the local pharmacy. Another important essential? All of the electronics and cords I don’t want to leave behind.

If you’re planning a trip overseas and want to know how to master a European packing list, I’m here to point you in the right direction. Ahead, I’m breaking down my guide for arriving with everything you need. Scroll down to see my Europe packing tips and the pieces I’ll never go abroad without.