Why Be a Cat for Halloween When You Could Be Gloria Steinem?

Gather 'round the jack-o'-lantern, friends. It's that time of year again, and your feeds, be they on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or elsewhere, are predictably swarmed with last-minute tricks and tips on how to choose the most impressive Halloween costume that's simultaneously thought-provoking and nonchalantly cool. If you've yet to land on a genius getup for October 31 (or even if you have), allow us to stop you in your tracks because we, too, have an idea for an impressive, thought-provoking, and nonchalantly-cool costume. Rather than wearing your run-of-the-mill look (e.g., feisty feline, red dress emoji lady, what have you), why not consider dressing up as a badass woman from present or past?

Whatever your political ideology, it's fair to say it's an interesting and mighty challenging time to be a woman. So consider putting down the whiskers and cat ears and reaching for a robe reminiscent of Notorious RBG, perhaps a mesh outfit nodding to Nina Simone, or maybe even a pair of goggles à la Amelia Earhart, and let the compliments and quality conversation roll on in! Below, we've curated eight Halloween costume ideas inspired by iconic women that are not only easy to pull off but are likely to inspire your inner activist. Who knows? It's Halloween—anything could happen.