The Best Amazon Halloween Costumes You Can Find Under $50

Is it too soon to be thinking about Halloween? Maybe. Is that going to stop us from brainstorming what we're going to dress up as? Not really. This year, though, instead of being extra with our costumes, we're all about using what we have in our closet and complementing it with fun and affordable pieces to achieve our ensembles.

Some say it's a lazy way of approaching this candy-filled holiday, but for us, it's all about challenging our creativity. That's why we've rounded up the Halloween costumes from Amazon that are under $50 and take things you already own to the next level. Think: pieces you can easily use for two different costumes, classic go-to costumes (yes, we're talking about those cat outfits), and even some purchases you can use after Halloween is over.

Wednesday Addams

A true classic. Simply pair the dress with your white kicks or black boots and you're done.

Little Red Riding Hood

Everybody will know what your costume is with this cape, no matter what you wear underneath.

A Pink Lady from Grease

We dare you to try not to sing "Beauty School Dropout" when wearing this. 

A Mime

Simply throw on a black pair of pants and have fun with your face paint. If you have multiple parties, this top can easily translate to a jailbird costume, as well.

Minnie Mouse

With this bright polka-dot dress, you can give a nod to the '50s or break out the old Disney ears to transform into Minnie Mouse.

Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction

If you don't own a white button-down top, now is the time. You can wear it to be Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction and style it long after Halloween is over.

A Hippie

All those small, round sunglasses you bought during the summer will be the perfect finishing touch for your hippie costume.

A Ballerina

This has Black Swan written all over it. 

1920s Flapper

A whole flapper look for $30? Yes, please. 

A Tourist

A tropical shirt can serve as the perfect tourist costume during Halloween and as an on-trend top after.

Prairie Woman

This Little House on the Prairie–esque dress can be worn before, during, and after Halloween, if you style it accordingly. 

Rosie the Riveter

Embody female empowerment with this ode to Rosie the Riveter.

Holly Golightly

This Breakfast at Tiffany's accessory set is perfect to accompany whatever LBD you already own.

A Cat

Haven't you heard? Animal print is in.

Linsday Weir from Freaks and Geeks

With this oversize jacket, you can easily channel '80s icon Linsday Weir from Freaks and Geeks.

Now you have some extra cash to buy some candy. No shame!

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