Emma Roberts Told Me the Fall 2022 Trend She's Already Excited About

Emma Roberts


@emmaroberts; Pictured: Kate Spade bag

In April, I had the pleasure of attending the Kate Spade New York fall 2022 presentation of its new collection. I’ve always had a love for Kate Spade. In fact, when I was applying for fashion school, I did my entry project on Kate Spade, and working for the brand was my first retail job when I moved to L.A. at 18. The presentation was held in a townhouse in Soho, with the overall theme being hosting an open house or housewarming party. When I arrived, I could see the models mingling as if we were attending a party. There were tons of great breakfast snacks and coffee, and of course, I could see all of the beautiful clothes. 

The best part of my morning was yet to come, as I knew I would be bumping into Emma Roberts soon to talk about the collection and all things fashion. Roberts was wearing an adorable red-and-pink minidress and matching coat, looking like the picture of New York City chic. When we got a few moments together, I asked her about everything from trends she's predicting for fall to maternitywear hacks. Keep scrolling to see what we talked about.

Of all of the great pieces that are debuting in the Kate Spade fall 2022 collection, which ones are you most excited about

Well, what I love about the collection is that it looks like you can mix and match every piece. I love mixing plaid with polka dots and how the accessories have a ’90s feel if you look at some of the handbags. I know they’re bringing back the Sam bag, which I am already coveting. But I just love that it all seems very wearable and can be dressed up or dressed down.

Kate Spade has always had a special place in my heart. It was actually my first retail job. What do you love about the brand? 

When I think of Kate Spade, I always think of the middle school version of me who wanted a Kate Spade bag more than anything in the world. I remember I saved up for a Kate Spade pencil case, and I just thought I was the coolest. In retrospect, it was probably a makeup bag that I, in middle school, was using for pencils and just felt so chic with my Kate Spade pencil case. For me, the middle schooler in me is like, “Wow, I can’t believe you get to go to the Kate Spade fall presentation.”

Since spring is here and summer is fast approaching, what are the items that are currently or will be in heavy rotation in your wardrobe?

I feel like I have been cold for the past six months here on the East Coast, so summer is not even on my radar right now. But I cannot wait for swimsuit season. I love to go bathing-suit shopping, and I love to find great vintage denim shorts. I feel like I can’t ever buy new denim shorts and have them look good, so I’m always hunting for vintage denim shorts for summer.

Since we are at the Kate Spade fall 2022 preview, what trends do you predict will be big for this upcoming fall? 

I’m not a huge trend predictor by any means, but for myself, I’m excited Kate Spade has done a new version of a leopard coat. I am in need of a new leopard coat, and I think with leopard you can never go wrong. I saw that they have a new leopard-print coat coming out, and I’m really excited to get my hands on that. 

Maternity style has changed a lot, with some of our favorite A-listers growing their families, such as Shay Mitchell, Rihanna, and, of course, you! How has becoming a mom changed your personal style? 

I’m definitely less precious about my clothing. I wear it. I enjoy it, and if it gets ruined or messy, then it does, and that’s okay. … Because a bunch of my friends are pregnant right now and are asking me what to wear maternity-wise, I get stuff in bigger sizes from Zara and places like that. Just easy clothes to throw on in bigger sizes.

I adored the pink gingham suit you posted on your Instagram back in February. When it comes to swimwear, what styles do you love for this season? 

Thank you! It’s from Solid&Striped. When it comes to swim, I love high-waisted bottoms so I don’t really have to worry about what’s happening with my abs or lack thereof. I haven’t done my swimwear shopping yet, but I love a high-waisted bottom. I think it takes a little pressure off while enjoying the beach.

One of my favorite roles you played was Chanel Oberlin in Scream Queens because of her hilarious, iconic lines but also because of her chic style. Do you ever pull fashion inspiration from roles you’ve played and apply that to your real-life wardrobe? 

I mean, my outfit today is not, not inspired by Chanel. I’ll leave it at that!