Impress Your Most Stylish Friends With a Gift From These Up-and-Coming Brands

TK Stylish Gifts from Up-and-Coming Fashion Brands.



It’s no secret that December is here, and it’s time to start thinking about all things holidays, even though many of us have had the cheery time on our minds since the day after Halloween. We’re always sharing our shopping lists when it comes to everything from decorating your home to upgrading your basics, but putting together gift guides has to be a top favorite. Brands release their best products just in time for the holidays, there are quite a few sales going around, and there’s just that cheerful spirit in the air. And while it’s easy to look at the big retailers for holiday shopping, there’s nothing more loving than a thoughtful gift from an emerging brand that’s not as common as what you’ll find at the mall. If the people on your gifting list (or even yourself) are more into covetable, unique finds, then this is the right place for you. Not only will you be finding something different, but you’ll also be supporting an independent business that will surely appreciate your patronage this season and the next. 

We sorted through a variety of emerging brands and pinpointed the best products that’ll be perfect as gifts or purchases you’ll want to treat yourself to at the end of the year. From soft cashmere to colorful jewelry, the finds below will be appreciated by anyone who knows a thing or two about the sartorial world. Keep scrolling for more.

All of the products featured are available for purchase via the Shop app, powered by Shopify, and have been independently selected by Who What Wear editors for this article.

This cover-up is fit for someone with exquisite taste. Have someone in your life who's getting married? This could be a great gift for the day of. 

A unique link necklace that will surely be a jewelry staple for years to come.

A sustainably minded pajama set makes a great gift.

A pair of black heels that are sure to wow anyone.

The recipient of this gift will open the gift box and be in awe. (We are.)

We couldn't resist these fun earrings, and we're guessing neither can you.

No pressure, but there's a matching necklace too.

Perfect for their skincare routine or just a cool accessory to wear out. 

Emerald rings often have the same design touches—this one feels unique.

A pair of pajamas that will make anyone happy to go to sleep on time.

A not-your-average person deserves this not-your-average pearl necklace.

This aesthetic sweatshirt will pair well with anything.

Lots of people won't consider spending money on merch for themselves, so it's worth considering to give to someone else. I know many people who would love to cozy up in these sweatpants.

I can name at least three WWW editors who have this ring on their wish list.

I know we've featured pajamas a lot, but come on. How can you not want to gift someone with these? (Plus, they're on sale!)

Jewelry always makes a good gift, especially when it's something they'll wear every day.

We'd personally would wear these out and about.

Everything about this is great, from the shearling to the unique color combination.

This comes in five prints, so choose wisely.

We've only just started hearing about Larroudé very recently, but all everyone can talk about is how comfortable their heels are. If you know someone who's an avid heel wearer, this could be an option to consider.

We've talked plenty about fashionable items, but why not add a colored eyeliner look to accompany the 'fit? 

The winter trend that's selling out everywhere.

We would wear these even when it's not summer.

Fashion insiders have been a fan of Susan Alexandra for a long time, but with the recent opening of the brand's NYC store, we expect to see more of these bags on the fashion set.

Each tote is handmade from leather and suede skins that were unused from past collections. While there are other colorways, we think black is the most versatile of the bunch.