I'm a Vogue Editor—Here's What to Keep and Ditch This Year


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Recently, I've been logging more time on Instagram. Though I always love popping onto the app to see which cool outfits the fashion set is wearing, my recent obsession has been the #NeverWorns series by senior Vogue editor Liana Satenstein. There, you'll find the editor chatting with the coolest insiders of the moment, diving deep into their closets and speaking candidly about which of their "never worn" items are worth holding onto and which they should ditch. An extension of Satenstein's Schmatta Shrink wardrobe therapy business, her buzzy sartorial consulting evolved after she "schmatta'd" the closet of a former boss at Vogue and word spread.

Curious to find out more about Satenstein's expert closet consulting, I chatted with the fashion alum. Describing her personal style as "late '90s minimalist with a touch of early 2000s sauciness," her personal fashion obsessions revolve around some really iconic brands. Tom Ford–era Gucci, Michael Kors–era Celine, and Stella McCartney's Chloé all make her feel things. To say that she really knows clothes is an understatement.

Here, Satenstein is sharing her editor wardrobe recommendations for which items to buy for the summer season ahead. If you're wondering what she'd toss, anything that is physically uncomfortable immediately lands in her donate piles. "This is a Schmatta mantra to live by," Satenstein explains. "Anything that doesn't make you feel your best self, part with it. That physical energy radiates mentally, and people can pick up on it."

Buy: Thong Heels

"Go find a nice thong heel. Give yourself a pedicure. Let those little piggies catch some sun this summer."

Buy: Animal Print

"Roberto Cavalli–type animal prints are going to explode this year. People are itching to dress up and get sartorially carnal. Mark my words: Summer is going to be full of freaktastic, sultry animal prints. Go buy some vintage stripes on Poshmark or The RealReal now." 

Buy: Wrangler Wrancher Jeans

"It's a classic pant, and there is an embedded front pleat that gives it a polished effect. I always say that the pant lifts your ass like Atlas lifting the world. They are men's and are about $30. You can wear dressed up or down. It's a classic." 

Buy: Sherris

"The New York–based designer Maayan Sherris gets so much love when I wear her shirts on #NeverWorns. People love her bright patchworked pieces. The clothes make you feel hot and will make you want to show off your shoulders and wish it was summer 24/7. I wear colorful ones on Instagram Live, but she also offers up pared-back sweaters made from thrifted materials, which are good, repurposed options that I wear daily."

Buy: Clothes From James Veloria

"They have the best selection of goods. So well curated and really well priced! Support a local business in NYC! PS: Their #NeverWorns episode was hilarious."

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Associate Director, Special Projects

Kristen Nichols is the Associate Director, Special Projects at Who What Wear with over a decade of experience in fashion, editorial, and publishing. She oversees luxury content and wedding features, and covers fashion within the luxury market, runway reporting, shopping features, trends, and interviews with leading industry experts. She also contributes to podcast recordings, social media, and branded content initiatives. Kristen has worked with brands including Prada, Chanel, MyTheresa, and Luisa Via Roma, and rising designers such as Refine and Tove, and her style has been featured in publications including Vogue.com, Vogue France, WWD, and the CFDA. Before Who What Wear, Kristen began her career at Rodarte, where she worked on assistant styling, photo shoots, and runway shows, and at Allure, where she moved into print and digital editorial. She graduated from the University of Southern California, where she studied art history and business, and currently lives in New York.