I Shop All Day for a Living—These Are the Coolest Things I've Seen This Month

Lilac shearling street style


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In case you missed my post last month, all you really need to know in terms of backstory is that I shop a lot. Whether it’s research for my job, casual window-shopping, cyber–window shopping, or actually buying things (my vice), let’s just say I get a lot of exposure to consumer goods. And while this might not be the best thing for my bank account (or closet space), it is great for you because I get to share the best of my findings with you.

What should you expect today? Oh, just another roundup of the most interesting and eye-catching things I’ve seen as of late. After all, why not? From the latest Saks Potts jacket to infiltrate my heart to statement jewelry I wish I was cool enough to wear to shoes and bags that have me a little too excited for spring, check out the coolest pieces I’ve laid eyes on this month. Don’t hesitate to do some shopping along the way.

If MNZ is making it, it's sure to be a trend soon.

Counting down the days until spring.

I'm pretty sure this speaks for itself.

It's not easy to find an affordable statement bag that looks this good.

Scarf, crop top, hair accessory, belt… this piece can do it all.

One of my favorite takes on the tie-dye trend right now.

When you want to wear a jean jacket, but it's puffer weather.

The beaded handle is a game changer here.

Pearls are among the most in-demand accessory trends right now—thoughts?

How to dress on theme but not lame for Valentine's Day.

I'm obsessed with cow print right now.

These already seem to be all over my Instagram feed—with good reason.

Crystal shoes you don't have to worry about ruining.

Proof that you don't need to wear bright colors to stand out at the beach.

This might have to be my first knee-high boot buy of the last five years.

Non-basic statement earrings you also won't get sick of immediately.

These will definitely have a presence in fashion week street style.

This non-basic basket bag is worth waiting until spring to wear.

Ellery should always be in a roundup of cool pieces.

Up next? 17 finds we have saved to our Instagram collections right now and, of course, want to buy.

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