I Shop All Day for a Living—These Are the Coolest Things I've Seen This Month

Milan Street Style


Szymon Brzóska/The Style Stalker

Happy leap day, everyone! It's quite fitting that my favorite monthly column falls on such a unique date this time around, as the fashion finds you're about to encounter below are almost as interesting as the idea of adding an extra day to the calendar every four years. After all, it's not often that I get to just throw whatever in the world I want into an article as long as I deem it worthy but for this I do, so here we are.

Today, I've rounded up the most interesting, eye-catching, and down-right cool pieces I've seen all month. From Topshop, Zara, and Revolve finds to the latest Bottega beauty, a stunning Cult Gaia frock, and more, below you'll find not just a mix of styles, but also something at every price point. So whether you're just here for a good time or are looking to spice up your soon-to-be-spring wardrobe, just keep scrolling to get started.

Just waiting to see which celebrity wears this first.

It's going to be a very '90s spring.

Oh, and they come in black, too!

I'm very into two-tone items right now.

Coolest skirt ever. I guess we can all go home now.

I think about these shorts more than I'd like to admit.

I'm loving anything with tie details right now.

You will get so much use out of this little baguette.

A non-basic button-down you'll get so much use out of.

Imagine this look paired with a blazer. (Or you can just click through to see it on the model.)

There's a 100% chance this will be all over your IG feed this summer.

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