I'm a Disabled Content Creator—Here Are the 'Fits I Posted on TikTok This Week
I'm a Disabled Content Creator—Here Are the 'Fits I Posted on TikTok This Week

I'm a Disabled Content Creator—Here Are the 'Fits I Posted on TikTok This Week

Welcome to Weekday Wardrobe, a series in which one Who What Wear editor or staffer will snap a pic of the outfits they wear from Monday to Friday. We'll break down where you can shop it all to inspire your own everyday style, no matter what's on your weekly agenda.

I always say never underestimate the power of a good outfit and the confidence it can give you. A few months ago, I started uploading daily outfit reels, and it's been such a refreshing outlet. It's renewed my love for color and patterns, which you'll see a lot of in my weekly fits. I recently moved to Nashville, which means weirdly humid, undependable weather, and I work from home as a senior influencer and partnerships manager for Ilia Beauty, but I'll always find an excuse to dress up (and probably film it). When people ask me about my style, I usually laugh because, as you'll clearly see, I don't really have one. I do, however, love to commit to a theme. Keep scrolling for every outfit I wore this week.

Putting this colorful plaid dress on was instant joy in the form of clothing, which was exactly what I needed on a Monday. I actually got to work on this piece with a small-batch designer in Brooklyn called Ophelia & Indigo. It's a great breezy summer piece for a quick coffee in the sunshine before I tackle my inbox. Pairing it with sneakers makes it feel fun and youthful but also comfortable and practical. The serotonin is strong.

Nashville recently got a Soho House, and it's the first thing we mention when our New York friends ask how we're liking it here (to remind them we're not totally out of touch). Whenever I have the occasional in-person breakfast meeting there, I always feel a blazer is in order. I've worn this one on repeat for the last year, and it still doesn't get old. I went for a taupe tonal moment with bold, wide-leg pants that are actually ridiculously comfortable. They're very much sitting pants. Since I often end up spending the afternoon working at Soho House, I prefer something a bit more understated and easy. I'll finish with my self-proclaimed "clown mules" for a pop of color and a little zebra bag to clash patterns in the best way.

After a singular day wearing muted tones, I'm craving color. When people ask me to show them an example of how to mix patterns, I point them to this fit. Today, I'm not even going anywhere but woke up early to film this look for an outfit reel before I start my 9-to-5. The way the yellow, purple and black all tie into each other just works. The platform sandals fuel my inner Baby Spice and instantly transport me back to the early '00s. I always get so many compliments on this fun floral cardigan, which keeps me cozy during Zoom meetings since I keep my house icy cold. (I know I'm not the only one.) Lastly, oddly satisfying matching sunnies have become my signature thing.

Mushroom pants? Say less. The crazy part is these are even comfier than they look. The silky texture feels like you're wearing nothing but also looks incredibly chic. I threw this on at the tail end of the work day because I had happy hour drinks with a few girlfriends. I balanced out the bold pants with a simple, fitted, cropped tank and lightweight blazer. I threaded a few pops of color from the pants in with the two-tone bag and papaya sandals.

Summer Fridays are in full force, which makes it essentially impossible to focus, but we just have to make it to 1 p.m. Tonight, I'm going to a concert with my husband (one of the perks of living in Music City), so I was inspired to pull out this check-printed dress with the coolest stitch-sleeve detail. I paired it with chunky platform slides and skinny Matrix-inspired sunglasses. I finished it off with this shoulder bag for a pop of blue and was out the door. Oh, wait—just two more Zoom calls…