This Meghan Markle Hairstyle Is So Chic and Only Takes 5 Minutes

Just like everyone else on the planet, we're fascinated by Meghan Markle. Her life is endlessly interesting (marrying a prince will do that), but it's her tried-and-true beauty wardrobe that piques our interest over and over again. Even now, as she's transitioned from royal life to civilian living in California, Markle's beauty looks have remained true to her minimalist approach to beauty. And of all the staple looks the former duchess continues to wear on repeat, easy updo hairstyles top the list.

We know the word "updo" might make you think of stiff, overdone bridesmaid hair, but Markle's take on the classic style is far from stuffy. Just like the rest of her beauty routine, she tends to keep it simple with elegant buns secured at the nape, complete with face-framing tendrils or sleek, middle-parted chignons that are just as appropriate on the red carpet as they are for everyday wear.

Easy Updo Hairstyles: Meghan Markle


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The best part? This is the kind of style that looks like it would require hours in a stylist's chair when it can actually be executed in mere minutes. With the right products on hand, you can turn unwashed hair into a beautiful bun, twist, or braid in no time at all. In fact, updos turn out even better when your hair is a bit dirty. Lazy girls, rejoice! 

If, like us, you're ready to emulate Markle's go-to style and other simple yet snatched hair looks, keep scrolling for the very best easy updo hairstyles out there. Be prepared to pin your favorites ahead of your next big video meeting.

Easy Updo Hairstyles: Tracee Ellis Ross


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Tracee Ellis Ross's simple low bun is perfect and so easy to do no matter what hair texture you have.

Claw clips make for the most perfect and easiest twisted updos ever. It's the one-step hairstyle we all need right now.

Easy Updo Hairstyles: Paloma Elsessor


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If you're wearing box braids, here's an idea for a simple yet elegant updo to try.

Easy Updo Hairstyles: Nicole Kidman


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Nicole Kidman's tumbled bun comes complete with softly curled, face-framing accents that tie the whole look together.

Or you can swoop your curly bangs to one side to create a '90s-inspired look like the front of Ashley Graham's gorgeous French twist. 

Lupita Nyong'o is serving straight-up goddess vibes with this natural updo.

The only thing better than one bun is two buns.

Easy Updo Hairstyles: Meghan Markle Bun


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Once again, Markle proved she is the queen of simple updos. This middle-parted low bun is so elegant and can be done in just minutes.

We're with Dakota Johnson—a topknot is always a good idea.

Dorit Kemsley's braided updo is so edgy and cool. We're officially motivated to practice our braiding skills.

A velvet bow turns any simple updo into a full-on look.

This braided side bun is the stuff of dreams.

Curly waterfall, anyone?

This snatched low bun is such a sophisticated look that can be executed in no time. Seriously chic.

Easy Updo Hairstyles: Accent Pins



Up the ante with face-framing tendrils and decorative pins to upgrade any basic bun in seconds.

Easy Updo Hairstyles: Thandie Newton



This slick bun featuring a deep side part and a feathered twist is *chef's kiss*.

It's the chunky braids for me.

Easy Updo Hairstyles: Braided Updo


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Braided pigtails but make them fashion.

Easy Updo Hairstyles: Victoria Monet



These '70s Afro puffs are everything.

A classic crown braid is easier to achieve than it looks.

This undone high bun is life.

We're loving this wet look, too.

Easy Updo Hairstyles: Claw Clip



Again, the claw clips win.

Easy Updo Hairstyles: Amandla Stenberg


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This vintage-inspired updo is another chic option for braid wearers.

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