I'm a Self-Proclaimed Outfit Repeater—14 Go-To Formulas I'm Loving Now

Easy summer outfits



Every summer like clockwork my wardrobe reverts to its most pared-back iteration. In fact, I know warmer weather is here to stay not when my weather app tells me so but when I start to notice my outfits become simpler and simpler. I think this style shift is as much out of necessity (the hot weather makes me want to wear as little clothing as possible) as it is a sartorial choice (I just love the look of clean basics). Regardless of the motivation, I've been rotating through a series of easy summer outfits—and shamelessly repeating them—that I think you'll be fond of, too.

Like any good fashion person, I took to Instagram to inform many of these winning formulas. The 14 style stars ahead have served up some major (but easy) summer outfits that, yes, I immediately saved and, yes, have been busy re-creating. If you are in need of some inspiration, I suggest you take a scroll and do the same.

Airy Dress + Cowboy Boots

Amy Julliette Lefévre easy summer outfit



The most summery of summer dresses that can't be ignored, especially when paired with cool cowboy boots.

Ribbed Tank + Relaxed Trousers

Sophia Brenn easy summer outfit



My low-effort summer uniform? You're looking at it.

Matching Shorts + Overshirt + White Crop Top

Monique Agar easy summer outfit



This ultra-cool styling is destined for chilling at home and stepping out on the weekends, and I think it's perfect.

Midi Dress + Mules

A simple midi dress in a comfy ribbed knit material is basically just fancy loungewear. You know, for when you want to actually wear something other than PJs.

Blazer + Crop Top + Bermuda Shorts

Kim Seidensticker easy summer outfit



Pictures like this make me want to buy all the denim Bermuda shorts in the world. Have they ever looked so chic? Nope, they haven't.

Bright Miniskirt + Button-Down Shirt + Classic Heels

Now that we're finally doing going-out looks again, I'll be keeping this cool-girl combination on repeat.

High-Waisted Jeans + Bra Top + Blazer

Aimee Song easy summer outfit



Match made in heaven: high-waisted jeans with a bra top. The blazer is optional, but I think it adds an interesting contrast.

Puff-Sleeve Dress + Woven Bag + Simple Gold Jewelry



There's nothing easier than throwing on a lightweight dress and calling it a day. Simple jewelry and a woven bag are the perfect (and effortless) additions.

Cropped Tank + Sweat Shorts + Bucket Hat



There's something about summer loungewear that just hits different. My go-to relaxed look these days is the combination of sweat shorts with a cropped tank and a fun bucket hat.

Oversize T-Shirt + Biker Shorts + Classic Jewelry

Aysha Sow easy summer outfit



What can I say? I love a weekend-errands look, even when I have very few errands to do at the moment.

Matching Workout Set + Crew Socks + White Sneakers

It really doesn't get any cooler (or more comfortable) than a coordinated workout set, especially one in a bright hue like this cobalt blue. Pair it with sneakers and crew socks for a sporty vibe (sweating optional).

Maxi Dress + Flatform Sandals + Basket Bag

Cue the perfect vacation outfit that requires zero traveling.

Tailored Trousers + Matching Blazer + Graphic Tee

Ali Tate easy summer outfit



I'm a sucker for a good tailored look. Sue me.