If You Live on the East Coast, These Winter Pieces Are Essential

If you live on the East Coast or even if you just plan on visiting the area sometime soon, now is the time to prepare your wardrobe. Speaking from experience, there's nothing quite like an East Coast winter. I spent my college years in Pittsburgh, followed by a stint in NYC, but the next seven years of my life were spent in sunny Los Angeles, where a major heat wave is not out of the question in December. In that time, I completely forgot what an East Coast winter entails, but since moving back two years ago, I've again realized how unique it is.

As you know, near-zero temperatures and snowstorms aren't out of the question on the East Coast, but much of the winter season consists of cold, wet rain and infrequent appearances from the sun. It sounds (and sometimes is) a bit miserable, but I've learned that with the right gear, the November to March months are considerably less painful, and you don't even have to resort to sacrificing style for warmth and comfort.

Read on to find out what you need to (stylishly) conquer an East Coast winter.

A Puffer

Nothing will keep you warmer and protect you from the elements better than a puffer, and luckily, they're cool now.

A Good Umbrella

Being caught without an umbrella during a winter shower is never a good idea. We suggest a clear bubble-style one so as not to cover up your cool outfit.

Fleece-Lined Leggings

Heading out for a mid-winter workout class? The leggings you wore when it was 70 degrees out aren't going to cut it. Now is the time to invest in a cozy fleece-lined pair.

All-Weather Boots

Leave the heels at home when inclement weather is in the forecast, and put on a pair of warm, waterproof, and sleek boots.

Cozy Socks

If your feet are cold, everything will be cold, so get thee a pair of cute, cozy socks ASAP.


Reformation sells Patagonia pieces, and therefore, it's cool now. Regardless, the brand's fleece-lined pieces have always been perfect for both layering and lounging. 

Bags That Close

If you've ever been caught in a winter storm with a handbag that doesn't zip or doesn't have a flap, you know the importance of protecting the precious contents of your bag.

A Sherpa Denim Jacket

Unless you want to forgo a denim topper for a few months (which would be sad) swap out summer's denim jacket for an equally cool one lined in cozy sherpa.

Thick Black Tights 

You're probably going to get tired of wearing pants all winter, so stock up on thick black tights to layer under your dresses and skirts.