3 Items We Don't Wear With Sneakers


Collage Vintage

Sneakers are the ultimate go-anywhere wardrobe staple. It’s pretty much a given that they’ll take you everywhere from a boxing class to the farmers market to the airport the next time you board a plane. But fashion girls are proving that they’re also a cool piece to wear with dresses, and everything from cute summer sundresses to structured styles make the cut. What are the pieces you should skip if you’re pairing your dress with sneakers?

We’ve noticed three things cool girls tend to steer clear of. First, avoid anything too tight. Instead of body-con styles, reach for looser fits. Second, skip super-short hemlines. Anything that’s knee length or even styles that hit the ankle are what we’ve been seeing all over the street style scene. And finally, leave your oversize bags at home. Stick to smaller styles that feel very of-the-moment.

Go on to see how fashion girls are wearing dresses with sneakers and then shop our favorite styles for your next look.