I Designed a Clothing Line, and These 10 Pieces Are Compliment Magnets

Draya Michele has been in the fashion industry as a business owner and influencer for almost a decade now. Back in 2011, she launched Mint Swim and since that time has garnered a cult following. The media mogul has a staggering amount of Instagram followers—7.6 million, to be exact—and recently launched a clothing collaboration with Superdown and Revolve.

The collection will be an ongoing capsule and is chock-full of pieces perfect for your next night out. Michele came up with creative names for each of the items (“Expensive Date” and “I’m Outside”, to name a few) and the price range won’t break the bank, with everything ringing in between $38 to $110.

Ahead, hear directly from Michele on lessons learned from designing clothes, the wardrobe piece she’d never pay a ton of money for, and her favorite “compliment-magnet” pieces.

Sequin Tube Top


Courtesy of Draya Michele x Revolve

On the wardrobe piece she'd never spend a ton of money on:

"With trends shifting faster than ever, I tend to invest in classic staples and look for affordable items to satisfy trends and micro-trends to keep my wardrobe feeling fresh and brand-new. From going-out pieces to cute little tops and dresses to the perfect party jumpsuit or set, paired with costume jewelry, this collection can take your wardrobe a long way."

Sparkly Dress


Courtesy of Draya Michele x Revolve

On the biggest lessons she's learned from designing clothes:

"Understanding the importance of trusting and staying true to myself and my brand. Knowing and understanding my audience and their buying trends so we can grow together. The importance of evolution and knowing the ability to pivot and evolve is paramount."

Bomber Jacket


Courtesy of Draya Michele x Revolve

On her favorite going-out trends:

"I love high-waisted styles, which are usually more forgiving and comfortable, and anything with stretch. I look for pieces that make me feel sexy and empowered and are easy to wear for a long night out. I need to be able to move and dance."

Pink Mini Dress


Courtesy of Draya Michele x Revolve

On the ethos behind her new collection:

"I am an aficionado in high-low dressing, mixing high-fashion designer pieces and wardrobe staples with affordable trends and streetwear. I wear what I like, what makes me feel empowered and sexy, and my Superdown collab is a reflection of that."

Leather Crop Top


Courtesy of Draya Michele x Revolve

On her top 10 compliment-magnet pieces:

10. Black Pants
"Black pants are a wardrobe staple. I love high-waisted cuts with a lot of stretch that are comfortable, forgiving, and hug my curves in all the right places. I created the Stallion pant as one of the most versatile pieces from the collection and added the slightest embellishment to create an elevated look."

9. Wrap Dress
"The wrap dress compliments every body type. The cut accentuates natural curves without feeling too tight. I designed our Expensive Date dress enhancing the classic with hot pink sequins. Style it with knee-high boots or over a white button-down shirt for a cool daytime look."

8. Faux Leather
"I’m loving leather-look pieces for fall and winter-faux leather fabrications immediately add an element of cool to any outfit. Our vegan leather I’m Outside top is a great transitional piece for adopting the trend at an affordable price."

7. Coordinated Sets
"Coordinated sets are the quickest and easiest way to achieve a polished look—not to mention you can get double the wears by styling each piece separately as well. Our Shoot Your Shot set ops for a romantic vibe with sheer black fabric draped over a nude lining, whereas the Kiara Bustier Skirt Set plays a little sexier in a silky dark mauve."

6. Cat Suits
"Catsuits are the grab and go item—they’re powerful alone and can be reinvented time and again, styled with a variety of statement pieces. The Welcome to the Party Catsuit is sexy in the simplest way, snatching the waist and showcasing the perfect amount of side-boob."

5. Pop of Color
"Adding a pop of color, or even a full brightly colored look, never fails to get a second look and a compliment. Pinks and purples exude femininity and confidence while still feeling youthful and fun. I played with pink hues on a few of my favorite items from the collection, including the Leonie Bodycon Dress and the Icing on the Cake dress."

4. Glitter and Sequins
"I loved the opportunity to work with glitter and sequins on this collection. Not only are sparkly pieces eye-catching on their own, but they also create an illuminating glow on your skin and eyes. I also am into the idea of wearing sequins in the daytime. I think a lot of people only think to wear them for special occasions, but I love our Champagne Bubbles top with a pair of jeans."

3. Little Black Dress
"A little black dress can go a long way. It’s a standalone staple and a versatile, blank canvas at the same time; if it’s the right fit it can make an impactful. I created three LBD options for this drop: the sexy lingerie–inspired Use Your Imagination Dress; the Mixy Dress, a romantic off the shoulder style; and the Hit the Club Dress complete with cutouts to accentuate the waist and sheer long sleeves perfect for transitioning into the cooler months."

2. Bodycon Dress
"Bodycon club dresses—you either love them or hate them, but if it's worn right, you will definitely get compliments on how perfectly they hug your curves. The Leonie Bodycon Dress and The Icing on the Cake are both perfect options for achieving this look."

1. Ruching
"I love ruching for being forgiving. The extra fabric can be styled to highlight your body however you desire to add dimension and romantic accent. I used ruching on the Get Me Lit Dress to enhance the glow of pearly white faux leather."