15 Looks That Prove Double Denim Will Never Be "Out"

Here at the Who What Wear office, we tend to get overly excited when we start to see brand-new trends emerge. Whether it's wearing two skirts at once or something our readers are calling "kangaroo" jeans, the trends we get most excited about are sometimes admittedly a bit too out-there to be worn by the average civilian. Which is why we always turn to our readers to see what you're all really loving style-wise—outside the celebrity-influencer cycle.

Double-denim outfits are proving to be a trend that's not just an editor favorite but a reader-approved combination too. Just below, we're sharing the best denim-on-denim looks that you, our community, shared on Instagram using #WhoWhatWearing. Want to be featured next time? Use the hashtag on your outfit posts so we can see them.

A belted denim jacket is perfectly polished.
Double-Denim Looks From Our Community



While we'll always love our denim trucker jackets, there's something fresh-feeling and forward about a denim duster.
How to Wear Double Denim



A round of applause for this level of style creativity.
Wearing Double Denim 101



Our #1 tip for excelling at the look? Wearing contrasting shades of blue.
How to Wear Double Denim



This look is making a strong case for vintage denim washes.
The Easy Way to Wear Double Denim



Born to love (denim).
The Fresh Way to Wear Double Denim



Punctuate mid-wash denim with unexpected accessories in a bright color like red.
Unexpected Ways to Wear Double Denim



Minimalists everywhere will be copying this look ASAP.
Minimalist Ways to Style Double Denim



Try out a crisp white denim jacket and white sneakers with your go-to jeans this weekend.
How to Style Double Denim



Feeling eclectic? Infuse loads of personality into your denim via embroidery.
Styling Double Denim for the Weekend



When in doubt, black jeans are a classic.
Black-on-Black Denim Outfits



Light-wash denim and white—now that's a fresh combination.
How to Wear a Shearling Jacket



Try this Insta-worthy combo: "dad" jeans + "dad" sneakers + oversize denim jacket.
How to Wear a Light-Wash Denim Look



Create a cool contrast by wearing distressed jeans with sleek loafers.
How to Wear Double Denim to the Office



A denim look that truly goes anywhere, day or night.
How to Wear a Black Denim Jacket



Now see all the looks from the fun photo shoot we did with two of our coolest L.A. readers.

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