Whenever I Wear This French Perfume, Everyone Asks Me About It

My name is Eleanor, and I'm obsessed with fragrance. Whether it be niche perfume brands or expensive-smelling candles, my world is better when surrounded by scent. During my career as a beauty editor, I've amassed quite a collection of perfumes. I'm lucky enough to be sent these as part of my job. However, I have my ride-or-die perfumes that I'll buy myself. Diptyque, Guerlain and Dior are among my everyday favourites. But they aren't exclusively expensive—I also love this affordable French perfume brand. It's true that the French truly make some of the best perfumes. In fact, on a recent trip to Paris, I met with a French perfumer who told me exactly how to smell good and the fragrance rules that French women live by. If you held an eau de parfum to my head and asked me which kind of perfume I would choose to wear for the rest of my life, it would probably be a French fragrance brand. 

So when I heard of a new niche French fragrance brand, D'Orsay, I was immediately intrigued. I say new, but the brand is nearly 200 years old. The brand was revamped by Amélie Huynh in 2015, yet its heritage remains at the beating heart of the fragrances. The original founder, Alfred d'Orsay, created the brand to honour his forbidden affair, creating fragrances that they could both wear. It's safe to say that he was well ahead of his time, as genderless fragrances have only really become normalised in recent years.


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Today, the same concept remains. The fragrances are genderless and designed to even be shared between a couple. The names of the fragrances all feature an initial on the bottle, inspired by a secret personality of the perfumer, with the identity left to the imagination by the wearer, and each fragrance captures a different moment of love. See what I mean about the French creating great perfume concepts?

Naturally, I had to get my hands on a couple of the brand's most popular scents, and I was not disappointed. The bottles are incredibly chic, and the juice inside is just as enticing. You can read my review of D'Orsay perfumes below, and if you decide to try one for yourself, you've been warned. You will be complimented on your perfume.

D'Orsay Perfume Review

1. J'ai L'air De Ce Que Je Suis Eau de Toilette


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2. Je Suis Le Plus Grand M.A. Eau de Parfum


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3. Jusqu'à Toi. P.S. Eau de Parfum


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