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My laundry situation has been completely disrupted, and I can't stop telling everyone I know. What if I told you that there is a laundry detergent that makes your laundry smell like fancy rich-person laundry with a Le Labo–level scent and that it is temporarily on sale? It's real, and I promise you will never look back once you try it. I almost look forward to doing laundry now. I've been using it for years now and have formed such an attachment to this product that if it were to be discontinued—*shudders at the thought*—I'd stockpile it and truly miss it in my life when I ran out. Accordingly, when I learned the 80-load bottles are 20% off as part of Amazon Prime Day (July 11-12), I ran to tell you. Below I dive into an explainer of the scent options. After reading, make sure to check out the best fashion and beauty deals going on for Amazon Prime Day. 

Let's Talk About the Scents

Signature Scent

Magnolia, Bergamot, and Cedar

The brand's Signature Magnolia, Bergamot, and Cedar scent is straight from heaven. I can't picture anyone not falling deeply in love with it. It's literally the smell of luxury. The cedar adds a delicious woodsiness that is cut by the clean, fresh scents of citrus and floral. It's subtle but has staying power. As I mentioned before, it smells as high-quality, special, and nuanced as a Le Labo scent. As a girl who lives in L.A., where that's essentially the perfume brand of choice, trust me when I say it's comparable. In other words, if you told me this was a Le Labo detergent, based on the smell alone, I'd say, "Yep, that checks out." If you're new to Dirty Labs, I'd start with this scent first.

Murasaki Scent

Jasmine, Matcha, and Vetiver 

Dirty Labs' newest scent is just as special and complex as the Signature one I initially fell in love with. While I think the Signature scent may be more of a universal crowd-pleaser, the Murasaki fragrance is almost more timeless. It's the more delicate scent of the two and is straight-up heavenly the moment you uncap the container. When my husband smelled it, he declared, "It smells European," and I thought, "He's so right." I think of the Murasaki as the sophisticated scent and the Signature as the cool and current scent. Honestly, you've got nothing to lose by trying both!


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More Reasons I Love It

Clean Ingredients: Honestly, the scent matters the most to me, but it's also a big bonus that the formulation is clean. If you're trying to use more clean products, I've heard that laundry detergent is one of the best categories to start with in terms of impact because you're wearing your clothes washed in the detergent all day. Conventional detergents have a lot of toxic chemicals, and this has nontoxic, biobased ingredients that are safe for sensitive skin, babies, and pets. It also happens to be cruelty-free, vegan, and hypoallergenic.

Effective: I know laundry detergent is supposed to clean your clothes, not just make them smell good. For me, Dirty Labs delivers in this category too. It cleans my clothes as well as the detergents I've used before.

Environmentally Friendly: The formula is super concentrated, unlike more traditional detergents, so you can get the same number of loads out of a much smaller bottle. Smaller packages equal a lower carbon footprint, and the aluminum bottles can be infinitely recycled. As someone suspicious of using only a small (concentrated) amount of detergent—Will my clothes be clean enough? Will they smell nice?—I can confirm the answer to all those questions are yes—and with about a third of the detergent I'd normally use with other brands.


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Why It's a Good Deal

The cost of Tide at Target right now is ¢17 a load. The large size of the Signature detergent is ¢23 a load, so, yes, it's more expensive, but to me, I think the bonuses of the incredible scent and the fact that it's not full of toxic ingredients is absolutely worth an extra ¢6 a load. 


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