I Waited the Entire Season for This Last-Chance Beauty Sale—and It Was Worth It

It's your lucky day, or, shall I say, it's your lucky two weeks, because December 19 through January 3Dermstore is hosting its epic Last-Chance Sale featuring select offerings from the brands you know and love (ahem, SkinCeuticals) at a whopping double discount. Translation: these products are already up to 30% off, and if you use the code EXTRA10, you get to take an extra 10% off. Yes, you read that correctly, friends!

This is the big kahuna of beauty sales, and even though you technically have until January 3 to scope out the savings, the hot ticket items (ahem, ahem, SkinCeuticals) will likely go fast, so the sooner you make your move the better. To get you started, I'm sharing my top 20 picks from the sale you definitely shouldn't sleep on below. Keep scrolling!

This is not a drill—SkinCeuticals' cult-loved vitamin C serum and its all-star, line-banishing neck cream are slashed in price when you buy them as a dynamic duo. (So yes, buy them together!)

If you're the one in a million human beings whose skin isn't super-effing parched right now ('tis the season and all), congratulations, you don't need this epic set of complexion hydrators. For the rest of you, myself included, this deal will change your life this winter.

Brightness, or rather, lack thereof, more your prerogative this seaason? Dermstore has crafted the ultimate skincare set for you, too!

Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant is considered to be one of the most under-the-radar holy-grail skin formulas in the industry. Now, you can get it on the cheap along with its partner-in-crime body version to boot.

I don't know what's better than getting three of Sunday Riley's all-time best-selling skin improvers for under $150 total. I think they might have made a mistake here, but in the name of smooth, high-glow skin, I won't correct them! 

Store these puppies in the fridge, and you'll think you've arrived in heaven the next time you wake up puffy and imprinted with sheet creases. 

If you're curious about Ilia but don't know where to start (or if you just want a top-up of some of the brand's fan-favorite makeup staples), this perfectly curated kit has your back.

This French night cream from Caudalíe smooths uneven skin texture, brightens dull skin, and performs a full-frontal attack against darkness and pigmentation.

True story: Every single celebrity I've ever interviewed has waxed poetic about the complexion magic these award-winning exfoliation pads wield on lackluster, stressed-out skin. Now's the time to pounce! Oh, and you'll also get the brand's Pore-Perfecting Cleansing Gel, so now you really have no excuse. 

You could spend your money on fillers and Botox, or you could claim this limited edition set (featuring NuFace's beloved microcurrent device and smoothing serum) instead. It boasts similar results when used consistently!

ICYMI, a dry brush is an ultimate investment (and this one is a steal with a capital S) for smoother, tighter, softer, and more baby-esque skin, lickety-split. Pro tip: Brush on dry skin every morning before you shower since it has a noticeable energizing effect!

For anyone who didn't think miracle body lotions could exist, try this one from Ameliorate and tell me it doesn't come super dang close. It does it all—from hydrating thirsty limbs to exfoliating, resurfacing, and reconditioning your dermis so the finish of your skin is immediately decongested and void of pore-clogging dead skin cells. In other words? It nixes all that inevitable gunky surface debris that compromises your natural glow in one fell swoop.

I don't know about you, but I have big plans for my natural nails in 2022. This awesome recovery set will help me get there.

I truly think I manifested this holy-grail trio from Unite Hair. The 7Seconds collection is my absolute favorite from the line (hello, salon-worthy shine and smoothness) so this shampoo, conditioner, and detangling threesome is truly a dream come true. I've used the detangler for years and will remain monogamous for the rest of my living days!

I recently heard one of the most in-demand dermatologists in the industry say that facial oils are the hottest category of skincare products right now. Almost everyone (unless you have very active breakouts) can benefit from adding one to your routine, and this youth-enhancing elixir from No7 is a good place to start. Plus, that sale price tag should be illegal.

Celebrity hairstylists absolutely love Virtue, and the brand is a mainstay in pro kits everywhere. Here, you get to sample the brand's best-selling formulas.

Stubborn whiteheads are the bane of my existence. (Especially with mask mandates still going strong where I live!) That said, this anti-inflammatory acne treatment makes them a thing of the past.

Every editor I know pretty much fawns over any and all hair products bearing the Briogeo name. Try this mix of top hits for yourself, and you'll see why!

For anyone who has had NuFace's skin-tightening skin device on their wish list, it's officially the best time to take the plunge. This deal is bonkers-good.

This is the absolute best sunscreen-moisturizer-primer hybrid in the clean beauty category (IMO), and yes, you still need to be wearing sun protection all 365 days a year, folks! 

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