15 Beauty Products I Always Regret Not Buying During the Cyber Weekend Sales

With the sheer number of Cyber Weekend sales, it's easy to lose sight of what you actually need. This is something that I experience pretty much every year, so I'm here to remind you that one of the best things you can buy during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales is beauty products. In fact, there are some (particularly expensive) ones that I'll only buy on sale, so if I forget to buy them this week, I might be going without them for awhile…

This year, I've actually gotten my act together and made a list of the beauty products I'll regret not stocking up on during the Super Bowl of sales this week (between gift shopping, that is). While I won't be ordering everything on this list, I find these products to be some of the best Cyber Weekend beauty buys on the internet, so I'm sharing them with you so we can all live without post-sale regret. Scroll to shop with me. (PS: Sales are starting at different times this week, so be sure to check the sites for discount codes that may not have been active yet at press time.)

Luxury Face Oil

Once you're on the luxury face oil train, it's hard to get off. No other skincare product gives quite the same glowy, plumping effect. Mutha is a cult favorite that's on my list to try next.


Sunscreen is the most important step of my skincare routine year-round, so I often splurge on the best ones, and I go through it pretty quickly. Hence, Cyber Weekend is a great opportunity for me to stock up.


I'm in my mid-30s, and I never go a week without using a retinol product at least a couple of times. Shani Darden's Retinol Reform is my favorite.

Fancy Face Wash

Something I've gotten into in 2020 is fancy face wash. I used to not care about it since you just wash it away, but wow, the good ones really make a difference. This is the highly rated one I'm excited to try next.


These may be more beauty product–adjacent items than beauty products, but candles are as essential to me as face wash, so here we are.


I've been using RevitaBrow for years, and it obviously isn't cheap, so even though I haven't run out yet, I'm buying it anyway. If you haven't tried it for yourself yet and your brows need a boost, I highly recommend it.

Glossier Goods

This year, Glossier will be offering a whopping 25% off for Black Friday, and my cart will be much more than 25% full.


I rarely buy perfume for myself—except when it's on sale (which isn't all that often). This year, I have Byredo's intoxicating new rose scent on my list.

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate

This is another product I've been using for years and years. It's my go-to exfoliator and really does mimic an "I just got a facial" glow. And luckily for me, it's usually on sale during Cyber Weekend.

Color Cosmetics

While I typically focus on stocking up on my favorite skincare items during the Cyber Weekend sales, I also use the discount prices it as an opportunity to try new color cosmetics I've been eyeing.

Dyson Hair Tools

Dyson always has great Cyber Weekend sales, which include its highly coveted (and very expensive) hair tools. One of these days, I'll treat myself to this hair dryer when it's on sale.

Anastasia Brow Products

Once I started using Anastasia brow products, I was a fan for life. In particular, I'd be lost without Brow Wiz, which is always on sale this time of year.

Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer

Clé de Peau is far from cheap, but it's so good, and one tube lasts me for about a year. I've come across several gift sets like this one, so that justifies a re-up in my opinion.

Hand Wash

I've come to appreciate the pleasures of lovely hand wash, and I go through it pretty quickly, so I'm adding a couple bottles to my Cyber Weekend shopping list.

Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes aren't my favorite thing to buy, so when I do, I want them to at least be on sale. My advice is to buy them in sets, as they'll most likely be cheaper than they are individually. It's even better if they're on sale.