Of All the Tabs I Opened for Cyber Monday, These 30 Items Made It to Checkout

Most Wanted is a weekly series in which one editor, staffer, or influencer shares their top 30 must-haves or current wish-list items.

I'm not typically one to rant about how much I hate Mondays, but the sentiment is there most weeks. No matter how productive my Sunday was in preparation for the week ahead, Mondays always hit me pretty hard. But every year, there's one Monday that's a true outlier, and that is Cyber Monday. It's without a doubt the one Monday that I anticipate and take on with sheer excitement. If you're a major shopper like me, this probably rings true for you, too. (And if it doesn't, you'll probably change your mind after you see the marked-down items below.) Like a kid waiting to open holidays gifts, I often stay up until midnight so that I can get a first look at the pieces I want and swiftly add them to my cart before my size sells out. Let's just say my Cyber Monday starts with multiple windows, countless tabs, and an overheated laptop. As much as I want to buy everything in sight, I always narrow down my list based on how badly I think my closet needs each piece, how practical it truly is for my lifestyle, and how much I spent on Black Friday. This year, I'm narrowing it down to about 30 items, and I'm sharing them all with you. Get your wallets ready, and keep scrolling for the Cyber Monday deals that are about to show up at my doorstep.

All I have to say is there are over 600 reviews in support of this stunning lip oil. 

Finally, an immunity booster that I don't have to force myself to take every day. According to reviews, this tastes great and actually works. 

Living in NYC without a tote bag is like living in L.A. without sunglasses. They're just essential. 

You could say these pants were cut out for me. (Sorry, I had to.)

I've never had lash extensions, but I hear this mascara comes pretty close to the real thing.

The jacket that lives in my head and on my Instagram feed rent-free. 

I'm not ashamed to admit that I have two other shades in my cart.

I plan to style this exactly like the model.

Cargo pants are the micro-trend I'm buying into right now.

I saw my favorite celebs wearing Crocs, so I decided I needed a pair.

Because if it doesn't make me glow from within, I don't want it. 

It's oversize with pockets. I wasted no time adding it to my cart.

I already have this bag in fuchsia, but I'm swooning over this baby-blue shade.

For when I flee NYC winters and escape to Florida sunshine.

My faux-fur collection is growing at an alarming rate, but I refuse to let this jacket pass me by.

Tackling dry skin one capsule at a time.

I was already sold on this cozy knit, and then I saw the matching pants.