13 Summer Outfit Ideas I'm Getting Really Emotional Over

No, I'm not being dramatic: The following outfits really do get me all hot and bothered. Now that summer has officially started, I've been finding myself in a bit of a wardrobe rut. My winter clothes are still mixed in with my warm-weather ones, making finding anything extremely difficult and making cute summer outfit assemblage impossible. In moments like these, I rely on my favorite Instagram girls for outfit inspiration, and they have not been letting me down.

I don't know what it is, but lately, the plethora of girls I turn to for cute summer outfit ideas have been totally killing the game. Between the Hawaiian shirts, bike shorts, printed dresses, and bold color combinations, I now have more summer outfit inspiration than I know what to do with. Ahead, shop the items you'll need to re-create the looks that have me in a frenzy this season.