Updating My Workout Wardrobe Is the Only Motivation I Need to Get Moving

16 Cute Nike Items for Working Out



So, I'd be lying if I said I was keeping up with that well-thought-out workout plan I came up with at the beginning of stay-at-home orders. I've become a little too comfortable with doing the, well, bare minimum to keep me semi in shape.

That was until a good friend of mine (who also happens to be a health coach) recommended I check out Nike's latest drop of insanely cute new arrivals. Within seconds of scrolling the site, my motivation to get myself on my mat and logged into that Zoom pilates class I've been RSVPing "maybe" to for months skyrocketed. Now, I can't wait to show off my chic leggings, bright sports bras, and (my personal favorite) fresh sneakers to all my friends online—and on a side note, I'm super impressed by how many Nike items come in a really inclusive range of sizing. Looking for a little inspiration yourself? I got you.


Sports Bras