26 Cult-Favorite Fashion Brands Every Industry Insider Owns



It's my job as an editor to scour the market for the brands to know (and love) in the industry. This includes emerging brands, new luxury labels, vintage shops—the works. Today, I'll be giving you the rundown on brands that have amassed a cult following from the fashion community over the years. These aren't your average, widely known designers, but I promise they're worthy of the same amount of hype. These brands have garnered a large following for many reasons, and their unique approach to design is a large part of it. If you name-drop any of the labels below to someone in the industry, they'll know exactly what you're talking about before you can even finish speaking. Some have been around for years and are staples in the style set's closets, and some only began their journey recently but have reached heights that will make you think they've been around for much longer.

I'm not one to keep any insider secrets, so if you're looking to expand your fashion palette beyond mass-market retailers, this list is a good place to start. Whether you prefer a minimalist aesthetic or like to keep things vivid and funky, there's an option for you. Keep scrolling to shop.

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If you were to look in any editor's fashion wish list, it includes Nanushka. I've invested in a few purchases from the brand, and they tend to be my wardrobe favorites. The brand is known and loved for adding a subtle but fun twist to minimal pieces.

J. Hannah isn't just loved for its unique jewelry. The brand's nail polishes are fashion-girl favorites, too.

Phone cases have become an accessory, and for that, you can thank Wildflower. Devon and Sydney Carlson's brand is spotted in almost every mirror selfie I see on the 'gram. There's a variety of designs, so pick one to match your aesthetic.

Based in Brooklyn, Shop-Pêche is the boutique destination for those looking to upgrade their wardrobe with both streamlined and trendy items. Almost everything (including its shoes) is at an under-$100 price point, so be prepared to click add to cart.

La Manso changed the jewelry game this past year for all the right reasons. The brand makes statement rings you're going to never want to take off.

Brandon Blackwood is the handbag designer you should definitely have on your radar if he isn't already. From his trunk style to the classic baguette, these fun-colored bags are a fashion favorite.

Ganni has come a long way from blowing everyone away as an emerging brand at Copenhagen Fashion Week. The contemporary brand grew to cult status with its statement footwear, use of loud prints and colors, and ability to add "joy" to the fashion scene.

BY FAR makes the leather handbags and shoes everyone knows and loves. The brand often incorporates '90s silhouettes, but don't be fooled and think the pieces are a passing trend. These are staples for sure.

Worn by celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles, Éliou is the dreamy jewelry brand I want all my necklace stacks to be made of. The label incorporates pearls, shells, and glass beads to craft jewelry that can still be worn every day.

Mansur Gavriel was a must-have for the fashion set when the iconic bucket bag was released, but the brand's latest slew of handbags and shoes are still worth the hype. Crafted with buttery leather that's made to last, these accessories will be in your arsenal for quite some time.

Oma the Label is taking the lead on jewelry trends, especially in the gold category. From chunky hoops to simple midi rings, the brand makes the elevated pieces you won't ever have to think twice about wearing on a daily basis.


If you're looking to stay cozy, Donni is the right place to be. The brand keeps comfort at its core and creates the best matching sets, especially the duo-toned options.

Based in Miami, Simonett houses the trendiest brands on the scene, including its own private label. The brand took the scene by storm with its Nanu Top, a tied piece that can be worn in a multitude of ways.

Sometimes, all someone wants to do is throw on an airy and oversize dress, and Et Tigre makes the perfect pieces for that occasion. The dresses are ethereal and made of comfortable materials.

Designer Alexia Elkaim created her first few pieces inspired by vintage items found at a flea market, and the brand has skyrocketed since then. Its cult following has been obsessed with the '90s glam pieces, such as bustiers, minidresses, and edgy tailoring.

If there was a signature workout brand for the sartorial world, it would be Outdoor Voices. The exercise dress is most popular, but the brand also has quite the collection of leggings, sports bras, and athletic outerwear.

You've probably seen Paloma Wool's eccentric prints quite a bit already, but they're not something you can really get tired of. The Spanish brand's pieces are ones that will forever spark joy in your closet.

If you were wondering where the checkered jeans our editor Anna LaPlaca is wearing in the promo image are from, your search is over. Based in Australia, Holiday the Label makes printed jeans that have quickly become industry top sellers.

Veda creates the leather outerwear you're going to keep in your wardrobe for years to come.

Sisters Sayana and Claudia Durany created Gimaguas inspired by their Spanish roots and frequent travels. The brand is known for its cotton dresses, geometric prints, and shoes and accessories made by artisans.

With the boom of the cottagecore aesthetic, Hill House's Nap Dress rose to popularity very quickly. It was not a surprise to see fashion insiders posting about anxiously waiting for a new drop.

The Frankie Shop makes the basics that will never feel "basic." From the perfect oversize blazers to fun colored poplin shirts, this is the ultimate fashion go-to for polished yet innovative pieces.

Although every fashion insider may not own a Khaite piece, they surely dream of owning and investing in one. It's hard to pick a favorite from the luxury label.

Pajamas don't have to be boring, and Sleeper proves that. Known for its Party Pajama Set, the brand is taking sleepwear to a whole new level.

The Line by K makes versatile pieces fit for any occasion without sacrificing comfort. Based in Los Angeles, the brand makes easy basics that feature unique touches like cutouts, wrap details, and sexy silhouettes.

If you consider yourself a fashion minimalist, then Loulou is the brand for you. You'll find quality knits, leather essentials, and many more tasteful pieces to fit with your modern style.