21 Comfy, Cozy Home Items I Can Personally Vouch For

cozy home decor items for winter



I've always been a homebody, but lately, I've been leaning into it even more (for obvious reasons). I'm pretty much obsessed with creating the coziest, most comfortable space I can in the hopes that it will help me be a bit less scatterbrained. It's certainly not a silver bullet, but having an inviting home helps ease my stress just a tad. 

To that end, I've rounded up some of my favorite items I personally have at home. From sheets and socks to candles and desk accessories, scroll down to shop some pieces you'll find in my apartment and read my mini-reviews for each. 

I love Pact's 100% organic cotton sateen sheets for a number of reasons. They have a super crisp, cool, and soft feel which is great because I'm a hot sleeper. They also don't come out of the dryer a wrinkly mess which is always a bonus. I have the "natural" color and I'm obsessed with the subtle buttery yellow hue. 

I never go to bed without a sleep mask. I actually rotate through several different ones, but this one by Slip is always pleasant because of the silk fabric. 

I wear this robe more than I care to admit. I love the fact that the tie is attached to the robe so it doesn't end up on the floor when you're bringing in your clean laundry (which always seems to happen). The cute blue piping is definitely a plus. 

Since my bed now sometimes serves as my WFH desk, I'm even more confident that investing in great bedding is worth it. I have an affordable duvet from Target that I cover with this luxurious mulberry silk duvet cover and it helps my room feel like a hotel. 

cozy home decor items

I always seem to be either too hot or too cold, so I keep blankets at the ready. This one is incredibly soft and comfortable and is neutral enough to rotate between my bedroom, my office, and the living room, which all have different color schemes. 

I bought this mattress a few years ago during a Black Friday sale, so I thought it'd be a good time to share my thoughts since it's currently 10% now through November 25. I think this mattress is soft and cushy while still being supportive, which is a great combo for me. The brand says the Original Mattress is ranked a medium in the firmness scale, meaning it's not too soft and not too firm, so it's a perfect balance if you're having trouble deciding on one. I only purchased one mattress so I haven't compared it to similar brands, but I really think it's a universally comfortable mattress. 

This yummy candle has scents of orange blossom, jasmine, coffee, vanilla, and cedarwood. 

This brand has a ton of different scents, but I keep repurchasing Amber and Moss because I love woodsy smells this time of year. 

I usually like woodsy smells at home, except in my bathroom. That's where I like refreshing, clean scents like this grapefruit candle by fresh. A curated selection of the brand's products is now available at West Elm, which is highly convenient for gift buying. 

This was one of those purchases where I relied on the insanely impressive Amazon reviews—it has over 20,000 of them. I have an older mattress in my room at my parent's house that I wanted to make more comfortable. I didn't want to spend money on a whole new mattress since I'm not there all the time, so this topper was the perfect compromise. It's not a miracle worker but for the price, it's absolutely worth it to add extra comfort. 

Hillhouse Home has perfected the art of the "Nap Dress," and I'm all for it. It's exactly as heavenly as it sounds. 

In case you haven't heard, velour is back. I love Suzie Kondi's super-comfortable tracksuits. 

Good luck trying to convince me to change out of this tracksuit. 

I'm hoarding sweatpants right now—sorry not sorry. Livincool's are so comfy and come in cheery, mood-boosting colors. 

cozy home decor items



Lamps definitely contribute to coziness because I absolutely despise overhead lighting in my house—it always feels so harsh and office-like. This one is adorable and plays into the IG-approved mushroom trend. 

I wear these slippers nonstop and repurchase them whenever they get a little too beat up. I haven't found slippers that beat these in terms of warmth and comfort. 

I love to find quirky vases and keep them filled with either fresh or dried flowers to give my house a lived-in look and feel. 

I love to find imaginative vases and planters. 

I mined my Amazon orders to find things to call out for this story and I'm glad I didn't forget about this little guy. It perfectly fits over my office chair armrest, which previously had no cushioning at all even though it wasn't that cheap. This makes my WFH life so much more comfortable.

Since I don't like wearing my house slippers on my bed, these Ugg socks are the perfect cozy alternative.