I Hate Most Puffer Coats, Except for These Cool Ones

The first time you were ever encased in a puffy winter coat, chances are you more closely resembled the Michelin Man than a street style personality. So, we understand if you proceed with a bit of caution when navigating a warm yet potentially silly winter trend. But while everyone’s entitled to their own threshold for how voluminous their outerwear can be, let us assure you there are cool puffer coats out there that satisfy both your need to stay toasty and your desire to look your best.

Ahead, we’ve laid out 19 cold-weather essentials that feature unique textures, patterns, and colors. They offer fits that are both tailored and unapologetically cloud-like, depending on your preference. Furthermore, each puffer coat below will make for an exciting and interesting addition to any wardrobe. Keep scrolling to find one that not only speaks to you but is prepared to keep up with whatever winter has in store.