I Don't Really Follow IG Trends, But This Account Sucked Me In
I Don't Really Follow IG Trends, But This Account Sucked Me In

I Don't Really Follow IG Trends, But This Account Sucked Me In

“I started my career as an accident,” blogger, photographer, jewelry aficionado, and lover of all things vintage Christie Tyler of NYC Bambi told me recently me when I asked her how this whole thing she has going got started. “I created a blog known as Christie’s Closet (so cheesy—I know) as an outlet for creativity.”

These days, however, Tyler’s stylish Instagram posts have netted her 300k followers who feverishly double-click and save her looks—and I’m one of them. Which feels a bit weird for me to say: I’m not normally someone who turns to Instagram for style inspiration. I kind of hate it, actually (which probably makes me a traitor to my generation—or to my profession, at the very least). But there’s just something about her style that has me hooked…

The way she puts together outfits feels so natural and so personal—a breath of fresh air amid the bevy of selfies and #ootds that are starting to look identical. Naturally, I figured she’d be a prime source of new-season styling inspiration, so I asked her about the pieces she’s adding to her enviably chic wardrobe this season. The answer? Plenty of picks from AG’s latest collection, and she was kind enough to show me three outfits in particular I’ll be trying out myself pronto (and putting my own spin on, of course).

“To me, this is the perfect autumn outfit—a slip dress styled over a cozy turtleneck with some sunglasses, flats, or boots,” Tyler tells me of this versatile look I’ll be saving stat. “I’d wear this to brunch on Saturday or to walk around the farmer’s market on Sunday. If you take off the turtleneck, it can go from day to night in an instant.”

What I really love about Tyler’s style is that she knows how to incorporate seasonal trends seamlessly with classic looks. For her second outfit, she styled a truly timeless power-suit situation from AG with stark-white accessories and ’90s-inspired sunglasses. “I love the comfort of the textures, the subtle navy hue, and how it can be styled with just about anything,” she says. “It’s not your typical suit look—the fabrics are soft, though the look appears sophisticated and formal.”

Last but not least, there’s this super-personalized take on the moto jacket–and-jeans look that’s very New York rock ’n’ roll. They key here lies in the cropped corduroy khaki AG jeans Tyler selected—they pair so well with her white retro-inspired boots. “You can’t go wrong with a great pair of jeans and a leather jacket for a classic casual look,” she explains. “This has been my go-to ever since I started my blog.”

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