My Friend Asked Me What's Cool, so I Forwarded Her These Items


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Like many people at this very moment, my friend is in the process of fleshing out her fall wardrobe. As I'm the friend who also happens to be a fashion editor, it didn't take long before a series of texts popped up on my phone asking me for shopping advice. She wants pieces that are cool but not too out-there so that she can still wear them to the office and pieces that are timeless to the extent that they'll remain relevant after a year. As a New Yorker, she'll be in for 50-degree days sooner or later, so sturdy boots, knits, and jackets are also top of mind.

With the influx of trends landing just in time for fall, fulfilling her request didn't take all that long, especially when it came to coats and sweaters. Cool cropped jackets are having a moment, and fuzzy mohair pullovers are making a return. My detailed list of cool fall pieces was too good to keep in the chat, so I've shared it here for your shopping pleasure. Keep scrolling to find a selection of fall fashion items that define what's cool right now.

With lingerie-inspired trends on the rise, this corset bodysuit just makes sense.

It's time to have a little fun with your pants.

Ever since Marni's fuzzy-sweater moment in 2020, the piece has been steadily crawling back into the spotlight. Here's how to try it without spending a mini fortune.

The cut of a padded-shoulder blazer is just so much cooler than your typical slim-fit silhouette. 

I always recommend stocking up on poplin shirts.

As a firm believe in pinstripe, I told my friend to jump on these quickly.

The ruching definitely lands more trendy than most, but it's still extremely wearable with the right type of pants.

I'm just as shocked as you, but yes, Boston Clogs are cool again. With socks, they can provide just as much warmth as boots.

This styling is really great, but it also works with loose pants, making this sweater a two-in-one buy.

If the runways are correct, then handkerchief hemlines are something to bet on now.

What separates this from other sweaters is the extended zipper, which allows for versatile styling.

The paneling of this shirt gives a nice contour to the waist.

This bodysuit is perfect because it gives a hint of seduction without being too much.

A denim bolero is not something I'd imagine being cool, but here we are. I love this piece.

If you can't get it vintage, new Jean Paul Gaultier is worth adding to your cool-girl arsenal.

You can't tell me this detail isn't fun.

This dress will easily turn heads, and you won't feel silly wearing it. 

This top looks so expensive, so of course, I told my friend to buy it. 

For a sneakers-and-baseball-cap kind of person, a pair of baggy jeans is a smart fall buy.

Nope, low-waist pants aren't going anywhere. They can always be styled with a black skinny belt for a classic look.

For affordable and substantial blazers, & Other Stories is repeatedly at the top of my list.

Each year, there are cult boot styles that befall the fashion crowd—this is one of them. 

Monse always knows what's cool.

While bomber jackets have everyone's eye now, the reality is they'll never really be out of style.

This bag is fun but also bears a lot of replay value.

Sure, it'll take some savings to buy these, but I'd make the argument that they're worth it. They function as a workwear staple yet are interesting enough to wear on nights out.