I Walked a Mile in These Shoes Completely Blister-Free

There are shoes that are subway cancellation–safe, and then those that usually stay in a closet only to be worn on occasion when you know there will be a lot of sitting and can justify the cost of a few taxis. I leave room for both in my wardrobe, but the former has always impressed me a bit more. Specifically recently when I spent a whole Saturday afternoon walking around in a pair of comfortable summer shoes completely blister-free.

In a bit of a plot twist, however, the shoes in question are not necessarily new. In fact, the block-heel mules in question are a style by Dear Frances I wore all last summer, and I can confirm I’ll be wearing them for the next four months as well. Thankfully, the exact style is still available.

Don’t get me wrong, I am in the market for a few fresh pairs of sandals, but I’m also not the kind of fashion editor who’s only excited about the latest additions to her closet. I value a great buy, and this pair has only put me on a hunt for more mule silhouettes that offer similar wearability—the kind that can accommodate around 10,000 steps per day.

Scroll down to shop the pair I’m currently wearing to death, as well as all the other summer mules I’m eyeing to add to my collection.

And with that, here’s to taking lots of regret-free walks this summer.