My Step Count Is in the Thousands Now That Summer Is Here—7 Shoes I'm Living In

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Ever since moving to New York, I've learned there are two undeniable truths when it comes to picking your shoes. There are those that are safe for a subway cancellation (meant for skipping, walking, biking, and running around the city during its warmest days) and those that usually stay tucked away under a bed or high up in a closet corner because the pain of wearing them outweighs the pain of realizing they weren't the smartest purchase. Naturally, as a fashion editor, I leave room for both in my wardrobe. I have to admit, though, when no one's looking, I'll comfortably slip into my zero-hassle, blister-free shoes.

When it comes to my footwear, I try my hardest not to give it all up in the name of style. From trendy sandals to comfortable (and cute!) running shoes, there are always a few pairs that make my heart skip a beat while making my podiatrist happy with me when I go in once a year for my checkup. Trust me—by wearing these shoes, you'll look and feel good.

Scroll down to shop the pairs I spend hours walking in every day without a sore ankle in sight.

Sporty Sandals

I have to admit it. I have tan lines on my feet from how often I wear my Teva sandals in the summer. The beloved hiking shoes are a personal favorite of mine, but to be honest, any strappy, sporty sandals are perfect for my longer New York City commutes. Plus, it's an excuse to get a pedicure every other week.

Gorpcore-Approved Soles

While I've always been a sneaker girl at heart, the rise of technical hiking shoes and sneakers has completely gone to my head and made me replace nearly every pair of sneakers I have with a pair that would make any nature enthusiast proud. Brands like Salomon and Merrell have convinced both fashion people and outdoorsy folks to wear their shoes, and this summer, I'll join the flock once more. Plus, Salomon's latest collaboration with New York–based designer Sandy Liang proves once more that the cutesy gorpcore movement is here to stay. 

Elevated Everyday Flats

There's a reason French women wear ballet flats everywhere. They're beyond comfortable. I've put my slip-on flats to the test for the last few months, and I've already been converted. Opt for leather-based shoes that'll mold to your feet and be extra comfortable in the summer months.

Sophisticated Mules

There's nothing chicer than fun mules. After I've walked for at least 50 miles in my Birkenstock Bostons, I have to attest they're some of the most comfortable shoes I own. The closed-toe slip-on style is beloved by celebrities everywhere who have to run errands in the warm weather, and frankly, I totally get the hype now. JW Anderson's iconic chain mules are high up on my summer buy list now.

Chunky Sandals

I'll admit it. I didn't buy into the chunky-sandal hype at first. After wearing my pair through two straight summers while on vacation, though, I utterly changed my mind. Although they seem to be the most intimidating on this list, luxury brands and designers have been hopping on the chunky silhouette recently, serving up fresh, trend-forward versions of the "ugly" shoes.

Anti-Trend Sneakers

There's nothing more I love than simple white tennis shoes. I go through at least two pairs each summer since I wear them nearly every single day. This sneaker silhouette is always a classic and goes with nearly every summer outfit I wear, from maxi dresses to flowy blouses and jeans. 

Comfort-First Kitten Heels

True story: I've walked from the Empire State Building to my favorite bar in SoHo wearing kitten heels. While I wouldn't recommend the commute every single day, the point stands. If you're looking for fashion-forward shoes with a bit of a lift, kitten heels are your new best friend. Since they're so on-trend at the moment, there's a style, color, and shape for everyone. While I'm partial to my Gucci kitten heels that saved my feet that fateful night last summer, any of the options on this list are sure to please you and your feet.