In a Matter of Days My Nordstrom Wish List Has Tripled—Here's Whats on It


The Style Stalker 

In a matter of days, a lot has changed in our world. With less-than-ideal new daily routine and lifestyle, our communication with coworkers, friends, and family has been altered drastically, and so has how we spend our free time. In an effort to keep things relatively light, I am going to humbly admit that a lot of my newfound free time has been spent scouring the internet for casual things to wear while I get accustomed to my new working-from-home lifestyle. What started as a wish list of just a few items I had been eyeing over the months has now crept to a solid 20 plus pieces I am fawning over.

If you too have the privilege of working from home during this time of social distancing, then maybe sharing the confines of my new Nordstrom wish list with you will cheer you up as it did me. Naturally, I have been gravitating toward comfortable yet cute articles of clothing to wear while I work on my laptop and hang with my family. Luckily, Nordstrom was filled with everything I was itching for—including new pajama sets, sweatpants, fun slippers, and more.

Layer this underneath a zip-up hoodie or an oversize tee to add a fun styling element to your casual look.

As someone who personally owns these leggings, I can confidently say they are the absolute best.  

These shorts look so comfortable that it makes sense why they would come in a pack of three.

Sleep in this or wear it with jeans. It looks good all the same. 

Those slightly scalloped edges make these 10 times cuter.

Spice up your WFH life with this lime-green sweatshirt. 

Baggy jeans can be just as comfortable as sweatpants. Fight me on it. 

Wear these with the shoes below for a chill but trendy at-home footwear situation. 

I will never get sick of tie-dye. Sorry, fam. 

These neutral leggings are a risk I'm willing to take in the comfort of my own home.

Never thought I would be more excited to order a pair of fuzzy slippers. 

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