We Tried 15 Mask-Friendly Eyeliner Looks—These 5 Were Doable

All the Ways to Wear is a monthly series where we round up the personal twists the Who What Wear team is putting on one particular item, style, or trend. Whether it's the trending denim of the moment or the season's It print, we hope to inspire your daily outfits and up the cost per wear on some of our favorite items.

Since wearing face masks on a daily basis became the new normal, we've been reconsidering our makeup routines. (Sorry lipsticks, but you won't be seeing the light of day for a while.) Last month, we asked a celebrity makeup artist how to enhance our eyes since they're essentially the only part of our face visible while using a mask. Her tips included swiping on two shades of mascara, elongating the brows, and using a lightweight under-eye concealer. Now we're taking things up a notch with something fun for spring: colored eyeliner. Our team members tried out different styles using their favorite shades, and these five were the most doable, not to mention totally cute.

Norah Murphy, Influencer Marketing Associate

Blue-eyeliner look



This simple cat-eye look uses two shades: blue on top and green on the bottom. The key is to select liners that are very similar in color so that they blend seamlessly. Apply the darker shade on top and the lighter one on the bottom to really open up the eyes. Oh, and bonus points will be awarded for matching your outfit with your eye makeup.

Summer eyeliner idea



Don't want to mess with a cat-eye situation (or top liner at all for that matter)? Add a subtle pop of color to the inner and outer bottom corners of the waterline. You really can't mess this one up, whether you use a traditional pencil, a creamy liner, or even a concentrated eye shadow.

Emily Gerstein, Advertising Sales Associate

Best summer makeup look



We get it: A bright color might be intimidating for anyone who usually sticks with black liner. Ease into the colored-eyeliner trend with a shimmery bronze or gold. Emily first lined her eyes with a thin layer of black and then blended in the metallic shade for something a little bolder than her usual look.

Michaela Bushkin, Senior Fashion Editor, Branded Content

How to do winged eyeliner



Feeling advanced? An ombre-bottom-liner look will really make a statement. Start with the lightest shade in the inner corners of the eyes and work your way out, ending with the darkest one. This technique works best with a multicolor palette and a thin eyeliner brush. Steady hands are a must as well!

pink eyeliner look



The last idea combines two of the previous: a winged top liner with some added shimmer. Jahns used hot pink here and then applied a touch of silver glitter on top, concentrating on the inner corners of her eyes.