The Colored Denim Jacket Trend: Trust Us—It's a Thing

As someone who—no lie—has at least eight denim jackets of various washes and fits in her closet at all times (with more in storage), I can tell you that it’s truly one of the best outerwear options out there. Regardless of what season you’re in, they always come in handy to give your look a touch of cool, whether it’s layered under a faux-fur coat in the winter, over a leather jacket or around your waist in the fall, or on its own as your third piece in the warmer months.

With this in mind, I’m always elated to welcome a new sub-trend within the staple, really just as an excuse to buy a new one. As you probably guessed from the headline of this story, that’s what we have for you today. Just in time for spring and summer, the colored denim jacket is exactly the upgrade our wardrobes all need. Whether you opt for a bright yellow, pale lavender, or even white, anything that deviates from the traditional jean color will do the trick, and if you opt for a matching pair of jeans, even better. With every brand from Ganni to Zara on board, it’s sure to be a hit, so see how all our favorite brands are making them below and be sure to shop while you’re at it.

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