6 Coat Trends No One Is Buying Anymore and All the Newbies Reigning Supreme


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Fall has been here for a little while, but it wasn't until just recently that we started taking it seriously. The temperatures have dropped, and we've officially swapped out our summer wardrobes for good. If you're as shopping-obsessed as we think you are, you've already had time to look at your closet and feel like you're ready to update the array of coats you wore for what felt like 24/7 last year. While we're not here to tell you to get rid of all of your beloved last-season coats, we are here to suggest that some of the coats in your closet take a seat on the back burner, at least for the time being.

Fear not, because for each coat trend we're recommending you store away, we're providing a counter coat trend that is currently blowing up this fall. These new outerwear styles are fresh and exciting, and considering the number of times you wear your go-to coats all throughout fall and winter, taking the time to educate yourself on all the newbies is a wise choice. Ahead, read up on the six coat trends that dominated the F/W 19 runways and shop our favorite versions of each. 

Not Buying: Robe Coats
Buying: Fancy Trenches


Versace F/W19 via Getty Images

Robe coats have been feeling a bit tired, so at least for this season, opt for a fancy trench. Thanks to designers like Versace and JW Anderson, the rise of the statement trench is convincing fashion girls everywhere that this is the outerwear piece to be seen in this fall. 

Not Buying: Glossy Vinyl
Buying: Classic Leather


Khaite F/W19 via ImaxTree

What started as an obsession with the high-shine trend has come to a screeching halt as designers and consumers alike have toned it down a bit and are reverting to classic leather coats instead. No fuss, no intimidating shine, just timeless leather that is 100% worth the investment.

Not Buying: Color-Block
Buying: Houndstooth


Chanel F/W19 via Getty Images

Checks and plaids will always be trending around this time a year, but for F/W 19, we saw a rise in houndstooth, specifically, and it feels so fresh. This season, instead of trying to make a statement with a color-blocked coat, which was once a popular trend, stay ahead of the curve and wear this loud print instead. 

Not Buying: Knee-Length
Buying: Capes


Celine F/W19 via Getty Images

Knee-length peacoat-type coats are quickly being replaced by not only maxi coats (another major outerwear trend this season) but also a cozier style: capes. Some women love a good cape come fall and winter, while others can easily be intimidated by the trend. Take note from Celine and its bourgeoise styling, and quickly that fear will dissolve away, and you'll be left with a cozy cape to cuddle up in.  

Not Buying: Red
Buying: Hot Pink


Jacquemus F/W19 via ImaxTree

Remember when everyone was buying a red coat to stand out from the crowd? Well, that color wave has officially passed, and the sartorial world is now on to hot pink. This shouldn't come as much of a surprise due to the rise of this color trend all throughout fashion month, but alas, we're here to remind you it's still a key player. 

Not Buying: Supersize Puffers
Buying: Tied-Up Classics


Rejina Pyo F/W19 via ImaxTree

Last but not least, we have tied coats. While this trend applies to styles beyond faux fur, we felt this iteration was the coolest, so that's what you'll see shopped out below. We hate to break it to you, but the supersize puffers are not only toning down this season, but they are being replaced by sleeker options like this waist-tie trend.