I Tried the Closet Hanger Trick—Here's What I Wore the Most and What I Ditched

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When I first saw the below hanger-method video for cleaning out your closet, I honestly felt shocked. First of all, what a genius idea. Second of all, why didn't I think of this before? I knew I was in need of a closet purge because it had been quite a while since I sold or donated anything, but I didn't realize how badly until I tried this life-changing hack.

Here's how it works: Make sure all of your hangers are in the same direction to start and after you wear something, simply hang it back up facing the opposite direction. I did this for about six months and realized there were so many items I didn't touch. Some were occasion-based pieces, like wedding guest dresses that understandably went unworn, but a lot were items I simply don't have much use for anymore. Here's what I discovered I wore the most in 2020 and which items are getting the boot.


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Ditching: Crop Tops

Wearing: Ribbed Tanks

My "going-out" days have been over for a minute now, and it turns out, for better or for worse, my crop top days are, too. I guess that's the result of entering my late twenties (sigh). They noticeably were replaced with a plethora of ribbed tanks last year, and I can't say I'm mad about it.

The $20 basic you most definitely need ASAP.

A deep V-neck for showing off all those cool necklaces you just bought.

Scoop this one up while it's on sale or forever regret it.

Ditching: Rompers

Wearing: House Dresses

I didn't wear a single romper last year (and maybe even the one before), so I think it's time to part with the style altogether. Instead, I wore tons of comfortable house dresses. You know, the slightly oversize ones that almost resemble pajamas.

This one has me feeling giddy about summer. Too soon?

Leave it to Ganni to have me swooning over a dress.

Ditching: Silky Blouses

Wearing: Cozy Knits

The thought of wearing a silky blouse—or worse, a silky button-down—has me spiraling. I can't imagine wearing a fabric like that now that I'm so used to comfy clothes. Cozy knits, especially cardigans, are my new go-to, and I don't anticipate that changing anytime soon.

I bet you won't get more use out of anything in your spring wardrobe than this waffle-knit cardigan.

The collared sweater trend is ideal for those that usually stick to basics.

I've officially been convinced to purchase a knit shrug.

Ditching: Denim shorts

Wearing: Jeans

I know; I know. It's not that I didn't wear plenty of leggings or sweatpants this past year, but somehow I found myself getting "dressed up" in my favorite pairs of jeans, too. I was, however, surprised to see that not a single pair of denim shorts got any use—not even on warm days.

I dare you to find a better pair of black straight-leg jeans for this price.

I always gravitate toward denim with an interesting detail, like this cool stitching.

A fresh white pair of jeans to kick off the season.

Split hem jeans are perfect for drawing attention to your favorite sandals.

Ditching: Bomber Jackets

Wearing: Elevated Sweatshirts

My outerwear situation took an interesting turn during 2020 mostly because I moved from New York to Los Angeles. One category of jackets that I not only didn't wear in LA but also know I wouldn't have reached for on the East Coast were bomber jackets. The trend had its moment, and that moment has passed (for me!). Unsurprisingly, I wore sweatshirts like my life depended on it.

This tie-dye option can be worn year round. 

ICYMI, bubblegum pink is the color to own this spring.

The perfect logo sweatshirt to take you into spring.

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