I'm Sick of Wasting Money on Fleeting Summer Trends—5 Buys That Are Worth It

There's something about summer that just makes me want to spend money, especially on random new trends. I've always been the girl who is game to try nearly any new style once, but after years of donating said trends after keeping them in my closet for way too long, I have decided it's time to hone in. This summer, I won't be depriving myself of trends, per se, but I will be shopping more intentionally. Thanks to the stunning new pieces that dropped from Who What Wear Collection, there are officially five classic summer buys I am standing by this season, and I need you to know about them.

Featuring prints, expensive-looking separates, and lots of practical pieces, the list below will ensure your seasonal wardrobe is in the best shape of its life. I also went ahead and shopped out a handful of the other summer must-haves from Who What Wear Collection, according to me. 

Interesting White Tops

Classic Summer Fashion Items



White shirts are always a good idea, but in the summer, they are essential. Yes, tanks and tees always do the trick, but if you're looking for something with a bit more impact, opt for unique textures and shapes in your next neutral summer top.

Long Skirts

Long skirts are perfect for an everyday casual look, a vacation go-to, and much more. Not only are they very current, but they have also proven to be a wardrobe staple, despite their rising spot on the trend circuit. 

Day-to-Night Dresses

Versatile dresses are perfect no matter where you are, but if you're heading on vacation, they are a must. Save yourself the extra room in your suitcase and make the most of your purchases instead.

Anything Floral

Florals will always be in style, especially in the summer. I love a floral dress, but I'm currently eyeing this cute tank and midi skirt. I can already think of so many ways to style these lovely printed pieces.

Relaxed Pants

Classic Summer Fashion Items



Feeling constricted by tight pants in the summer heat is never fun, so I always opt for relaxed trousers instead. Luckily, there are many options—from fun textures like plissé to basics like pleated trousers—for the breezy-summer-pant look.