5 Classic Pieces You Should Never Purge From Your Closet

Listen, we all make mistakes, but cleaning out your closet a little too much is one I'm all too familiar with. I'll get on a cleansing kick and end up purging my closet of some wardrobe staples I almost immediately regret giving away. Then I end up buying them over again a few weeks or months later because I miss them in my wardrobe. It's a vicious cycle.

Well, learn from my mistakes and make sure you hold on to these staple fashion items. From polished blazers to wear everywhere from the office to weekend brunch to clean white sneakers that go with virtually everything in your closet, below are the five classic wardrobe investments you should never get rid of.


Blazers are the ultimate go-to piece. Not only are they polished, but they're also one of those pieces that make even the basics jeans-and–a-T-shirt outfit look cool. While they fluctuate in popularity from season to season, they never actually go out of style. 







Everyone should have a solid neutral blazer in their wardrobe.

Throw this on with a white tee and vintage jeans and your outfit is set. 


Another trend that fluctuates in popularity but never disappears is classic skinny jeans. The perfect partner for a voluminous top, skinny jeans flatter your silhouette and tuck effortlessly into boots. This is one style you'll regret tossing because you're guaranteed to end up replacing it. 





Citizen of Humanity's skinny jeans have a cult following for a reason.


If there's one shoe style you'll come back to every winter, it's black ankle boots. They go with everything, look chic, and are basically weather-proof, as rain spots and mud barely show up against the dark hue. 







These cozy shoes are very on-trend.

These are the perfect partner for jeans. 


Winter after winter, year after year, chunky-knit sweaters come back in style, and you find yourself searching for one to layer under your heavy jackets. They're one of those pieces that aren't necessarily the coolest thing in your closet, but they're one you'll always come back to.



Talk about a sweater that goes with everything. 

Style this with slouchy trousers.


A pair of white sneakers are the shoe equivalent to a white T-shirt (aka a necessity). They go with everything, are ultra-comfortable, and truly never go out of style. The only reason to toss a pair of white sneakers is because you bought a new pair. 







This post was published at an earlier date and has been updated. Next up, Seven Staples I Wear Over and Over Again