The Classic Trends You Can Buy for Under $100 at Nordstrom

The Classic Trends You Can Buy For Under $100 at Nordstrom



The idea of a “classic trend” may seem a bit curious. Often, trending products are those that are more current, but “classic products,” on the other end of the spectrum, are more timeless in nature. But that said, I’m into this idea of “classic trends” in reference to those more staple pieces that are essentially always in season but are often updated and reimagined (and thus can sometimes be deemed as “trendy”). Oh, and fun fact—Nordstrom consistently stocks said items.

Here, I’m talking about staples like blazers that feel incredibly modern in slouchier cuts, standard straight-leg jeans that feature unique details, and the like. To showcase all of this, I rounded up five of the classic trends in question with a bit of shopping inspiration. And to take it one step further, everything coming your way happens to be under $100 as well.

Slouchy Blazers

For many, a blazer would be considered a wardrobe staple given the versatile and polished nature. It’s those more oversize cuts that feel modern yet classic at the same time.

Relaxed Straight-Leg Jeans

When it comes to denim silhouettes, straight-leg jeans could definitely be thought of as timeless. The trend aspect comes deeper into play with the styles that are even more relaxed. 

Puff-Sleeve Dresses

You really can’t get more classic than a printed dress, and the fashion crowd continues to favor those styles with interesting details like puff sleeves. This dress trend is more or less a “new classic” at this point.

Square-Neck Tops

Basic tees, tanks, and blouses have been taken to a subtle next level lately with the addition of current-feeling square-neck details.

Minimalistic Flat Sandals

A pair of black or tan strappy sandals will essentially never go out of style. Those same minimalist sandals also happen to be trending as well.