Cartier's Newest Collection Has Already Reached Cult Status

When you think of Cartier and its multitude of products with a cult following, chances are you think of the brand's iconic Love Bracelet or its new Guirlande de Cartier handbag (which is already beloved by influencers everywhere). Now, you'll also think of Clash de Cartier, the brand's latest jewelry collection that's all about duality, contradictions, and, if we're getting granular, alter egos. To further illustrate how opposites attract within the collection, Cartier hosted influencers and editors (including myself) to a luxurious trip to Paris where everything from caviar served with french fries to a Parisian Ghetto Gastro was tastefully planned as we experienced the beauty of Clash de Cartier firsthand.

Between all of the caviar eating and gala attending, I somehow managed to find time to interview the new face of the Clash de Cartier campaign, actress Kaya Scodelario. We chatted about why she resonates so closely to the collection's messaging, her romantic story on her very first Cartier piece, and in true Who What Wear fashion, how she would style the pieces. It was after chatting with her about the new collection's versatility that I thought to myself, Wow, this new Cartier jewelry is going to blow up.

Fast-forward to the days immediately following the trip, and I found myself unable to scroll through Instagram without seeing at least an IG story or static post of an influencer gushing about Clash de Cartier. Whether it was the rings, the hoops, or the more statement-making coral pieces, some of the biggest sartorial icons in the game proved that you can style this fine jewelry collection any which way you please. When it comes to anything that requires a bit of an investment, that's something worth valuing over all else.

Ahead, read my full interview with Kaya Scodelario, shop the Clash de Cartier collection, and see a handful of ways fashion girls are styling the collection right now.

See some of the stunning campaign imagery of Kaya and read our exclusive interview with her:


Courtesy of Cartier  

What has the process of being the face of the campaign been like for you?

It’s been amazing—it’s been quite a whirlwind. I took a meeting with some of the heads of Cartier, and we just had a really good chat and an informal conversation about who I was and what I would bring to the campaign and what the product was. I’ve been very selective about campaigns and endorsements and things like that over the years because I truly believe you need to connect with the company and with the product and be proud to be a part of it.

When we were talking, they discussed the fact that me being half Brazilian, half British was something that they really liked and something they thought that the jewelry and the pieces also represented—the kind of duality of that. I’ve never had the opportunity to really celebrate that publically before so I was so excited. It felt really refreshing and like something I could really connect with because I really do feel like I have these two opposing sides to me.


Courtesy of Cariter 

You touched on this a little bit, but this collection is all about duality. In the campaign video specifically, what two sides of yourself are you channeling?

I’m representing the kind of punk rock, British side of me that loves a pair of vinyl pants and loves an embarrassing dance and the freedom to just let go and be playful and tease. It’s never mean—she’s never the evil character or anything like that—we called her Sasha—she’s a bit fun. She’s out to have fun and to play. And on the other side is your kind of classic going out for the evening, not knowing what to expect kind of gal. She’s taken a lot of time to get ready and select the jewelry that she wants to wear and she’s full of anticipation for the evening.

In your personal life, can you speak to that duality a little more than you already have?

I think I go between being on sets and acting and playing really super-intense characters and have very physical long days, and then suddenly I’m a mother and a wife and a friend. I love nothing more than sitting and having a bottle of wine with my girlfriends and catching up with them and talking to them and listening to them. I definitely have those two sides of my life. And when I’m at work, when I’m on location, it’s really difficult to keep in touch with people and to not get trapped into this bubble of just being in work mode. I try to balance that out as much as possible.


Courtesy of Cariter 

Do you have a favorite piece from the collection since I’m sure you’ve tried on and played with all of it?

I do! All of them! I love the bracelets because they stack really beautifully, but my favorite is actually the hoops. I’ve been obsessed with hoops since I was little. There’s something about wearing a hoop earring that kind of just makes me feel brave and fun and free. And I love these especially because you can wear them in the daytime; they’re very kind of gentle, they’re very light, they’re not painful at all, but they also transition really well into a night look.

You’re obviously so dressed up in the video and campaign, but these are also pieces you can wear in your daily life, as you’ve touched on. How would you style the collection—or the hoops since they’re your favorite—for a casual day-to-day look?

I mean I love the stacking for during the day. I think there’s something fun about that, and it’s still a statement but it’s kind of part of your outfit. It’s part of the experience of the day you’re going to have. For evening, I tend to go a little bit more low-key. I like having one piece. I really love wearing the hoops, just one, actually, just in the right ear. For me, that feels kind of fresh and fun and unexpected. And I think the jewelry is quite unexpected, so I really like playing with that.

In that case, would you keep the rest of your outfit simple?

I would keep it simple. I love a really nice tailored jacket. I’m British, so you always need a jacket at some point in the evening. Yes, just a really nice black outfit.


Courtesy of Cariter 

What was the first Cartier piece you owned?

My first ever was one that my husband actually bought for me when we were falling in love, when we kind of just met. It was coming up to Christmas, and he had been really secretive for a couple of weeks and I was like Oh, god. What’s going on? He’s going to break up with me. And the day before Christmas—I don’t know why—but he said, "Can I give you this now?" And I said yes and I opened it and it was a Love Bangle that I’d kind of casually mentioned when we very first met—not even actually dropping a hint, just mentioned how beautiful it was. He bought me the rose gold one and he told me that while he was buying it was when he realized he wanted to propose to me, so he sort of weirdly proposed with the love bangle. Then he got me the platinum one as my push present when I had my son.

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