4 Words: Pretty Italian Vacation Clothes 

Remember the cool-girl Italian brand that launched earlier this year, Ciao Lucia? After gaining extreme popularity among the chicest bloggers and celebrities alike, the brand just launched its 2017 holiday collection, and it is next-level. To paint a clearer picture for you, all you have to do is think about is the exact definition of "pretty Italian vacation clothes." Whatever just came to mind will almost certainly resemble the collection ahead.

Built off an ethos that is, according to the brand, "a year-long resort collection—a line dedicated to those who believe in la dolce vita," the holiday campaign will inevitably sway you with its breezy fabrics, laid-back silhouettes, and idyllic landscapes. If you haven't already booked some time to get away this holiday season, Ciao Lucia's latest drop will definitely convince you to do so while also clothing you with the chicest Italian vacation wear ever.

Go on to shop Ciao Lucia's latest holiday collection.

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