The Personalised Christmas Gifts You'll Want to Keep for Yourself

I hate to turn up the pressure, but Christmas is rolling around at a rapid speed. The other day, I was strolling through David Jones (the food court, specifically), when I realised I was humming a familiar tune. A Christmas carol. But that wasn’t what stopped me in my tracks (I sing The Twelve Days of Christmas all year round… much to the disgruntlement of my boyfriend)—it was the general festive feeling in the air. The decorations were up, there were people everywhere, and I could just sense that everyone was rushing about, making a start on their Christmas shopping. This year, I’m determined not to be panic-shopping on December 24. With enough time (I.e. If you start now), the whole Christmas shopping experience can be planned, organised, and actually enjoyable.

To get a headstart, the first thing you should do, is write out your list. Aside from your immediate family, who else do you need to source a thoughtful gift for? Neighbours? Co-workers? Your eyebrow waxer?

With a little over a month to go, the gifts you should buy now are the ones that need a little extra time to be prepared—anything personalised (or anything that requires you to go into store —because why battle crowds?). 

Keep scrolling to shop the personalised Christmas gifts you’ll thank yourself for buying early.

For a chic way to keep travel documents together, this organise from Kikki-K is a treasure. 

Our favourite detail on this diary? (Aside from the monogramming, of course.) The monthly illustrations for every month and a week to view layout. 

Complimentary personalisation is available for select items on Gucci. Treat someone you love to a special accessory they'll talk about for years. 

A low-key take on the personalisation trend: an alphabet charm to hang off your weekend tote bag. 

Add a personalised touch to this super-luxe bag. Not only perfect for party season but all year round. 

Country Road gives you the freedom to choose between fonts and colours to monogram a range of their products. 

The ultimate in personalisation. Pick the colour metal, what it says, and the symbols. That 'injoke' you're always LOLing at? Put it on the bracelet. 

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